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Ohio: A Virtual Town Hall Which… Explains A Few Things

“No voting machines will ever be used again in Ohio as long as I am Secretary of State.”

Tore Maras is an Independent Candidate for Secretary of State of Ohio.
She explains the purposeful flaws in Ohio laws and the federal interference in state, nation wide, elections,
and what she will do for Ohio when she wins the election.

Did current Ohio Republican Sec. of State Frank LaRose accept donations from an alleged pedophile? Find out at the link above.


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  1. If you read The Parallel Election which details the massive and multi faceted voter fraud in PA, you’ll understand that the machines are just one element of the duplicity.

    Both parties engage in this fraud to ensure that whoever holds the office will play ball from awarding state contracts down to hiring their nephew for a job. Once they’ve got you in office, YOU ARE BEHOLDING.

    Box after box of ballots appear magically with NO chain of custody. Counting employees shuffle racks of ballots up & down floors and in & out of elevators. Ballots by the 1,000s are left unattended for hours. Certified observers are not allowed access and are kept in roped off areas that prevent what the courts have ordered. 1,000s of mules deliver 1,000s of fraudulent votes into the system. Stacks of ballots with only a presidential vote are fed through counting machines multiple times.

    This goes on in virtually every county in the country. The reason the big counties like Dallas, Wayne, Clark, Maricopa, Brevard, Dane, Philadelphia always turn in their counts last is because the crooks wait for all the other votes to be tabulated so they can see how much fraud they need. It’s a fucking racket and they are even more blatant about it now than ever.

  2. OT
    Just checking in, so far, we’re OK in South Sarasota County. We’re in evacuation zone C, only A & B were ordered to leave.
    Lord have mercy.


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