Ohio: Cincinnati Councilwoman Tamaya Dennard(D) arrested by FBI on federal charges

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The Hill: The FBI arrested a Cincinnati councilwoman Tuesday morning on federal charges, her attorney confirmed to The Hill.

Democratic Councilwoman Tamaya Dennard was accused of wire fraud, bribery concerning programs receiving federal funds and attempted extortion, her attorney, Erik Laursen, said.

An affidavit obtained by The Cincinnati Enquirer alleges that she attempted to bribe and extort, including exchanging her votes for money, between August and December 2019. keep reading

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  1. Thought it be for her false Guinness World book claim watermelon seed spitting championship, wow, the fbi now charges this and still ignores Hillery’s email servers,,
    FBI is really getting their shit together now, WHEW!
    And Stacy Abrams still breaths,,

  2. …not only was she a militant Black activist
    AND a clumsily blatant corrupt politician, she’s ALSO up on violating Ohio open meetings laws for conspiring with 4 other council people (including a flaming Buttjudge type gay] on how best to screw the city when it was trying to get rid of it’s latest corrupt Black city manager…


    …5 is a majority, BTW, so they were effectively deciding City Council meeting on their own.

    They got caught and eventually settled a lawsuit, so of COURSE the TAXPAYERS paid the settlement.

    …best part? She gets PAID no matter WHAT. There’s no recall provision or mechanism to expel her from Council in the City Charter, even though she never showed up to meetings anyway. All they can do is ASK her to resign…


    …it’s been ever thus in the People’s Republic of Cinncinnati, but it went COMPLETELY off the hook when Dems took overthe County too, and the City went full-retard sanctuary.

    They incubated poverty and dependence in City projects, then used Section 8 to take over the County with them after closing the projects for getrifying neck beard condos, but that’s a different subject for another day…

  3. I’ve seen this same movie, with blacks Liberals achieving a thimble full of power and then abusing that power for personal gain over and over.

    It’s boring. And that voters fall for these snake oil salesmen is disappointing and exasperating.

  4. PHenry
    FEBRUARY 26, 2020 AT 7:39 PM
    “And that voters fall for these snake oil salesmen is disappointing and exasperating.”

    …Its not “fall for it” here, they simply vote skin color and nothing else. Anyone Black would have won her seat no matter what, she’s just what the Party picked.

    …and it would have had the same result…

  5. “seen this same movie”
    Multiple times:
    Thank God it’s Friday
    any one with Woopie and Harpo in it,,,
    Such white quilted talents, that even Harvey said,
    Nah F’ That

  6. The liberal/left/progressive scam is stictly about stealing money. Just ask sanders, clinton, obama, biden, kerry, pelosi etc


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