Ohio Gov. DeWine tests negative for COVID-19 just hours after testing positive

JTN: Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine’s office says Republican governor has tested negative for COVID-19, just hours after announcing that he had tested positive for the virus.

DeWine on Thursday announced a positive coronavirus test result ahead of a visit by President Trump in Ohio. The governor said the test was part of a “standard protocol” applied to anyone who is scheduled to meet the president in person. 

Yet later in the day, the governor’s office announced on Twitter that “in a second COVID-19 test administered today in Columbus” the governor “tested negative.” more here

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  1. Dewine has always been a closet democrat.
    He first ran as a democrat and was beaten, he switched parties.
    He became a liberal country club multi-millionaire republican.
    Dewine and John Kasich are cut from the same cloth.

  2. I hope everyone is bracing themselves for your taxes to be raised.
    Not the Fed versions, but the States’ taxes. Because they willingly shut down their economies and they haven’t been pulling in much revenue.
    And the no state income tax states won’t be any better.
    Your car registration bill will look like a phone number.

  3. There are tests for the virus, and there are tests for antibodies. What kind of tests did DeWine have? It is seriously annoying to hear EVERYWHERE this kind of incomplete reporting.

    We are told that the number of “cases” is going up as though that by itself has some kind of dire significance. But then we find out that the number of positive virus tests and the number of positive antibody tests are added together to produce a number that is at the same time (a) meaningless, (b) alarming, and (c) the basis for more or longer restrictions on ordinary people going about their ordinary but essential business.

    And don’t get me started on the utter unwillingness of anybody to either question the efficacy of cloth or paper masks or the dangers of wearing a mask or wearing/handling a mask improperly.


  4. This little stunt of DeWine will eventually come back and bite him in the ass. 😁 Guess he thinks he pulled a fast one.

    These gotcha scenario’s are probably going to continue through November 3.

  5. Uh oh. I just tested positive….for failing to give a shit.

    I am going to Greentop Hunt/Fish to register voters tomorrow. I will likely meet up with a couple of iotw types
    Ghost of Brig Gen and Hanoverfist.
    Never met them before.

    Should be a good day. I am ready for action between now and Nov 3.

  6. And I’m supposed to believe the covid data when the “test” results are subject to change?

  7. Spoke this afternoon with two people who signed up for a test in Florida. After waiting in their car, in line, for an hour and a half they pulled out of line and left. The next day they where called and informed they had both tested positive for covid-19. They never received the test!!!

  8. Boxwine shows us how to do playground games. I had little respect before he turned virus tyrant on the Buckeye state, I have no regard for him at all now.
    The dRats in Ohio, though, they love l’il Mike.

  9. It’ll be a busy few weeks ahead.
    Register voters tomorrow

    Elect a new chairman to the Republican Party of Virginia next Saturday. I will be working that.

    Then I am a free agent.

    I am so sick of Democrats I am willing to plug in anywhere I am needed.

    This is not the time to be a casual observer.

    It’s GO TIME.

  10. The media has an explanation: After being infected with a mostly innocuous case of COVID-19, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine…

  11. I would not trust a government employee to identify bird shit on a car window!

    Just ask Melissa Millano, she just went nuts about her botched testing results. very very funny.

  12. Don’t worry. If DeWine dies in a motorcade accident, he’ll get the Covid again. The show must go on.


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