Ohio Man Flips Out on Judge For Sentencing Him To 22 Years — Judge Tacks on 6 More

Breaking 911: PAINESVILLE, Ohio — (FOX 8) — A defendant upset about his sentence ended up with more prison time following his tirade in Lake County Common Pleas Court.

Felon Manson M. Bryant, 32, of Painesville, appeared in court on March 1 for sentencing on charges of aggravated burglary, aggravated robbery and carrying a concealed weapon.

Video of the hearing was released on Tuesday. Watch

17 Comments on Ohio Man Flips Out on Judge For Sentencing Him To 22 Years — Judge Tacks on 6 More

  1. Everything’s “raysis”.
    See how it works?
    See what the Left has cultivated!
    There is no personal responsibility. Only “Racism”.

  2. Awwwww … was da w’il judge’s feewings hurt?
    Shoulda put some ice on it.

    What an abuse of the “Public Trust!”

    A sentence is either appropriate, or NOT appropriate, regardless of the “judge’s” pique. So much for these “Solons” of “Justice” sitting above us all, blind to the vicissitudes of emotion, weighing every case in a fine scale.

    What a puke.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Jeez, in Chicago the state’s attorney Foxx would have asked for 6 months probation for the guy and the usual race-baiters Jackson and Pflager would have led marches to drop even that

  4. Grew up next door to the “racist” town. Sister lives near by. She will be glad to hear this punk is off the street.


    🔴 Although I don’t want him to be released in my neighborhood anytime soon, I agree, 22+ years seems pretty excessive, when rich white well-connected people do far worse and get far less.

    🔴 The black neighborhood is so in-bred, there is NO WAY to make the I.Q. go up, probably ever. They are just dumb to begin with, and all the black men spreading their seed all of the ‘hood and the other half with their legs wide open, then their 1/2 siblings follow suit, repeat, terrible.

    🔴 It’s better to just pay them to go AND STAY in Africa. Honestly, there is no way most of them are going to contribute to society. Pay them to stay there, and don’t pay for their kids. Don’t bring in any more. Totally worth it.

  6. Do a quick google search for Manson M. Bryant.

    I did and fully understand, and approve of, the Judge’s sentencing.

  7. That Judge needs to be removed from the bench. The defendant made no move to attack him or to physically harm him in any way but this little bully in a black robe decided to take away 6 years of his life over a few words. Some prior commenters are quite right when they say that child molesters or killers get less time. I hope this guys lawyers appeal this travesty.

  8. 1st degree this, 2nd degree that, felony aggravated burglary, aggravated robbery and carrying a concealed weapon. How about this, simplified to charges that being a selfish fat f’ that only knows how to steal with a weapon to continue his obesity in total disregard to others?
    He’d still be cryin’ Racist!
    Maybe that this scholar could understand.

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