Ohio Market Owners Accused of $10 Million Food Stamp Fraud


Two former Somali specialty market owners in Columbus, Ohio, are facing more than $10 million in food stamp fraud charges, authorities say.

Hassan Nuriso and Abdurahim Nuriso, the former owners of Towfiq Market on Sullivant Avenue, have been charged by a federal grand jury with conspiring to fraudulently redeem more than $10 million in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and WIC program benefits between 2010 and 2019, WCMH reported.

“It’s very clear in all the regulations what you can and can’t do,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney David Bosley. “You can’t give food stamps for cash, you can’t buy items that are not allowed under the food stamp program, you can’t buy things that aren’t food, and you can’t give credit.”

The Nuriso brothers are also accused of trading illegally obtained benefits into cash to spend the money for other purposes. read more

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  1. Lock them up along with other Somali scofflaws like Ilhan. Maybe we can get a group discount to ship them back.

  2. The question I might ask is whether the two crooks were born in the US or immigrated from Somalia. If they immigrated can they be deported back even if they are naturalized citizens? Here in Canada we used to be able to deport immigrants if they committed crimes regardless of their status or age at the time of immigration. I’m not sure if we still can but that answer is likely no as there has been too many Liberal Party governments in power for them to have allowed a moment of sanity in our immigration policy.

  3. Somalis: prating in the U.S.A. so they don’t have to pirate in Somalia.
    Seriously, the people who organized the mass immigration of Somalis into the U.S.A. are traitors and deserve serious punishment.

  4. How about the barber who agrees with what they’re doing? SO glad we’re Finally cracking down after all this time that O let it occur. Some of these shops also prepare taxes so clients can get the earned income credits- the potential for fraud at these shops is great. Any lies will be told including marrying family members and with no remorse whatsoever

  5. Over nine years!? It must be the same team of “investigators” who are out searching for where Waldo is!

    This is at least the third such *shocking* story I’ve read in as many years about Somali or Nigerian or some other ME refugees or migrants who have conducted long-term theft of our federal tax dollars via the SNAP/WIC programs. The news reporting even tells us that this is a crime that regularly happens at convenience stores in certain areas. In auditing language, it seems obvious there is a failure of internal controls over the SNAP and WIC programs of which our federal government has knowledge yet fails to remedy.

    It’s the same sort of thing — the vast number of gov’t resources it takes — whenever I read about how drug and traffickers are caught. It’s always takes a “team” of about 37 gov’t law enforcement agencies, involving upwards of 150 people (on the payroll) to investigate, identify and arrest ten suspects. Then the U.S. Attorney(s) get indictments on 4 of them. Of the remaining 4, 2 are convicted and they serve a combined sentence of about 14 months. It took fewer gov’t workers at less cost to send men to the moon.

  6. These sub-human muzzie scum should all be rounded up and deported ASAP and if they refuse to go, well, there is still a great supply of american made hemp rope that will end all resistance!

    Thanks to the greatest President EVER, we now have the LEGAL right to refuse green cards to ANYONE who ever took one dime of public assistance and putting those leaches on the fast-track to deportation will be remembered as one of President Trump’s greatest accomplishments!!!


  7. I refuse to Patronize any of these Shops…We call Them

    “Terrorist Stores” It’s easy to see which ones They run,

    Usually every bit of Window Space is plastered with Sale Ads.

    It’s well known in Key West which Shops the Bums hang out at and

    convert Their Snap into Cash.

    The US Gov. use to give Them Interest free Loans to open a Shop.

  8. Scammers scamming the scam!
    Must not be part of the Official Scam Network, having failed to pay off the usual suspects – in other words: some politician didn’t get his cut.

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. @Handy Racist
    FEBRUARY 24, 2020 AT 7:24 AM
    “Thank you Catholic Charities for the Somali scourge you helped import“

    Oh, it’s not just Catholic Charities, Handy; the Lutherans and Baptists have gotten in on the act, too!

  10. #Tony R
    You are right, but here in Maine, Catholic Charities of Maine are responsible for bringing in some 2000 Somalis, whose numbers have ballooned to well over 12,000 by the time all the (so called) immediate family members show up to get on the gravy train.
    And then there are the dozen or so Congolese that showed up in Portland after being brought across the border illegally, housed for a short time, and then given a plane ticket to
    If you follow the links provided, you’ll get a list of all the traitors that are making big bucks from this bullshit.


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