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OHIO| President Trump’s Legacy Was To Turn Every Citizen Into A Leader

[…] Ohioans called, emailed, wrote letters and told him that he would be held accountable. Indeed, the letters and emails were all sent on or about January 25, 2021 and onwards. In fact, the same letter was sent to Attorney Generals across the nation but until the time of this report ONLY AG Yost responded and wrote to the Selected president…

Tore Says:

Many Americans feel demoralized, spent and lingering with a heavy heart that their vote was discounted at the ballot box, their patriot’s day was ambushed by Union Funded Antifa thugs (with help from right wing never trumpers) and a Main Stream Media (MSM) promoting an administration lead by a President that can’t tie his shoe. Their hopes and dreams of a free America, an America that dictates it’s own economy, a production power house all being undone with strokes of pens that the SELECTED President can barely grasp. The whole world can see how Kamala Harris looks on over Biden’s shoulder drooling with anticipation for her brass ring moment after the State of the Union to REMOVE him.

One Hundred days, if they last that long is what they need or the elections can technically be annulled. Electing an UNFIT President is an invalid election. Ohioans understood that because they know their US history.

When the colonies decided to form a union, they did so with a lot of governor egos in the mix. Many governors refused to give up their power but that incredible President George Washington got the job done. That is what great leaders do. They create more leaders not followers and Ohioans are doing exactly what President Trump inspired so many to do – LEAD.

Selected President Joe Biden signed a barrage of Executive Orders within his first 72 hrs in office. Among them were Executive Orders (EOs) raising the prices of critical pharmaceuticals like Epi Pens and diabetic medications. He also reinstated the FINE of not having Obamacare and providing enemy nations like CHINA access to our power grids.

Handing your nation’s power grids to the Chinese depicts an INCOMPETENT and UNFIT administration. The MSM simply looked the other way, just as they are as the CDC site is reporting 50% deaths post vaccination. There might be a memo we all missed that states that if something is not reported – then it means it isn’t true. Why else would the MSM not advise Americans that the Communist Party of China can spiral us into darkness and silence with the flip of a switch? Why else wouldn’t they be reporting all the deaths post vaccinations? more

SNIP: Please read the entire article. It’s important that every single state does this. Thanks!

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  1. I miss him.God help us with this
    fool at the helm for 3+ years !!!!!!
    Poor & Rich alike will feel the PAIN.


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