Ohio: Resident Confuses Bassoon For Gun

Conservative Firing Line: Springfield, Ohio – Ok, this manipulation of the public by news media and anti-gunners needs to stop right now. It’s firmly gone out of control. A Springfield resident called 911 on April 5 because they thought a neighbor had a gun. It was a bassoon …a musical instrument…you know, one that makes sounds other than “pew pew pew.”

Eric Barga teaches bassoon at his old high school, Kenton Ridge High School. After he completed his teaching for the day, he drove to Covenant Presbyterian Church in preparation for bell choir practice. But he was about a half hour early, as practice usually started at 6:30 p.m..

So, he sat on the hood of his car and just started playing scales. You know, the “doe ray me” kind of thing, also definitely not “pew pew pew.”

But someone called 911 and told officers there was a white male with a rifle sitting on his trunk in front of the church.

Cue the police response.

27 Comments on Ohio: Resident Confuses Bassoon For Gun

  1. I hope the imbecile who called the cops goes outside the next time it rains and is so surprised and puzzled by the drops hitting his head he looks up into the sky open-mouthed until he drowns.

  2. Caller should be sued or charged with filing a false/stupid police report. There needs to be some recourse.

  3. Wow, an assault Bassoon with an illegal bump stock no less! Time to retire the 2nd! Can I get an amen on that!

  4. “And bazookas go “boom.””
    To be fair, the rocket goes “boom”, the bazooka goes “whoosh”.
    Musicians frequently have to open their instrument cases, they don’t get accosted too often while performing though.
    It takes quite the embouchure to play a bassoon, knew a female bassoonist once, that’s another story.

  5. If I saw a guy wearing sheets with a diaper on his head wielding that i’d run, but not this guy. (Damn profiling Racist)

  6. Thank GOD he wasn’t Black/AfricanAmerican/PersonofColor or whatever the hell the SJW term is.
    This would have been truly tragic.

  7. @MJA “Ohio: Resident Confuses Bassoon For Gun”

    Ohio: Buffoon Confuses Bassoon For Gun

    Fixed it for ya!

    LOL. Nice!

  8. In all fairness, a bassoon in the hands of a beginning player can sound an awful lot like a weapon of mass destruction. Emphasis on “awful”…

  9. Wow.
    That’s pretty fuckin stupid even for a denizen of Springfield, Ohio.
    What if he’da had a backup Oboe? Y’know, a fully semi-automatic black assault Oboe? Or, heaven forbid!, a Clarinet?

    I wonder if this guy knows how close he came to being gunned down?

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. I’ve known some pretty strange people from Sprangfield (that’s how they pronounce it) but they all knew their guns. The caller acted stupidly.

  11. I blame Reagan. You never know where one of those infamous Iran-Contrabassoons is going to show up next.

  12. Yeah, like how many people sit on the car trunk blowing into the barrel of a rifle? Well, maybe in Springfield…

  13. I prefer the assault bass clarinet.
    I refer you to the great and powerful Eric Dolphy, the best there ever was with one.

  14. Bassoons and oboes are certainly OK, but I’d be mighty wary of anybody wielding an English horn what with the way things are going with all the mohammadmen over there.


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