Ohio: Rioters surround and smash up car of driver who has cerebral palsy

Hey, Ohio- You may need to check the water in Columbus for high levels of mercury.

Blaze: Eldon Hawkins is 58 years old and has cerebral palsy, the Columbus Dispatch reported.

On the evening of May 31, he drove to get dinner and flowers and ended up in the middle of a protest in downtown Columbus, Ohio, WBNS-TV said.

What happened next?

“I was at the intersection, and I got the green light. I was trying to toot my horn, thinking, ‘Hey guys, look at the light,'” Hawkins told the station.

He was blocked — and video of the incident shows he tried backing up his car and hit a person on a bicycle with the rear bumper.

“He tried to get away from the situation and in doing so he accidentally struck — and I emphasize accidentally struck — an individual on a bike,” witness Phillip Hurst told WBNS.

Video shows the bicyclist, who didn’t fall to the ground, quickly began beating on Hawkins’ car — and a bunch of other left-wing George Floyd protesters followed suit and swarmed the vehicle. MORE

14 Comments on Ohio: Rioters surround and smash up car of driver who has cerebral palsy

  1. “Hey, Ohio- You may need to check the water in Columbus for high levels of mercury.”

    Home of the Brownies & the Bungles – I’d be checking for high levels of STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPID. 🙄

  2. If someone is beating on your car with ANYTHING hard enough to break auto safety glass, you are in immediate danger of grievous bodily injury or death. Shoot, and keep shooting until the threat is neutralized.

    Oh, you don’t have a gun? You may want to remedy that. But in the meantime, take your foot off the brake and press down decisively on the gas pedal regardless of what’s in front of you (or behind if that’s the best way out of danger).

  3. Compare this to the McCloskeys.
    The people pulling the strings are HOPING for some person to try to shoot their way out of a scary situation like this. Then those who are hit will be the next “deified” victims (useful idiots) in justification of taking away ALL guns.

  4. This isn’t about racial justice or climate or equality of women or Marxism or anything like that. This is about psychopaths getting high on destroying people’s lives and property. TDS is no mystery when you understand that.

  5. Hyenas ripping apart their prey.
    These are not people. These are death squads.
    Definitely stay armed to stay alive.

  6. This IS the Democrat’s foot soldiers at work here. These riots are not mostly peaceful protests any more than I am Cleopatra Queen of the Nile. Not only that the riots are being sanctioned by the elected DEMOCRATS in every city they have taken place in. They have taken positive steps to steps to give these thugs the go ahead and destroy everything they can get their hands on and only object when it impacts them personally.


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