Ohio Senate Candidate J.D. Vance addresses tweets slamming Trump: “I regret being wrong” – IOTW Report

Ohio Senate Candidate J.D. Vance addresses tweets slamming Trump: “I regret being wrong”

“I ask folks not to judge me based on what I said in 2016, because I’ve been very open that I did say those critical things and I regret them, and I regret being wrong about the guy,” he said in the clip, shared by Mediaite.

“I think he was a good president, I think he made a lot of good decisions for people, and I think he took a lot of flak.”

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  1. If you go to far over the line, there is no coming back from a trust standpoint that quickly. Need a few more years of consistency before I would trust with my vote.

  2. Does he have a legit Conservative running against him? If not, and you live in that district, you best vote for him.

  3. I had reservations about Trump at one time but I supported and voted for him in the general election in 2016. I’m glad I did. He proved to be an extraordinarily great president and I was happy to vote for him in 2020 when he defeated Biden.

  4. This is the other Republican candidate that I am aware of. I don’t know which I would prefer, and since I’m not an Ohio voter… https://www.joshmandel.com/

    I think pretty much all of us were questioning Trump’s candidacy in 2015, slowly and begrudgingly coming around as he began to sweep the primaries. I don’t know what negative things Vance said and when during 2016 he said them, but I don’t have a problem with people needing to learn more about someone before supporting him.

  5. LCD

    A lot of us were hooked in 2012. I was. And he really hooked the die hards in the first debate. Question how many of you identify as Globalists?
    He was the only one that didn’t raise his hand. A lot of us couldn’t figure out the Cruz love fest.

  6. Jane Timken is also running. Josh Mandel rose with the Tea Party movement. I guess we’ll see who the GOP endorses to see who to NOT vote for

  7. I regret being wrong?!?!?

    What the F*** ya saying?
    Ya wish you would be right?

    FUCK JD Vance – You can’t trust a person who uses intials as a name.
    FUCK JD Vance – Trump wasn’t a good president he was a GREAT President and the one and only true G.O.A.T.

  8. No f’n way with Politico calling out: All Aboard the Rehabilitate JD Vance Express! is this genuine. No F’n way.

  9. Maybe run for dog catcher first before taking on the big time, since you demonstrated a willingness to shoot inside the tent instead of hold your piece in 2016.

  10. Any Republican that trashed Trump has an uphill battle and they’re beginning to realize it this is. damage control.
    We have a long memory of this treachery.

  11. People who did not know Trump personally or else have actual data to back up their opinions had no business opining.

    Too many people feel the need to yammer opinions and speculatgions about things they know nothing about when instead they should shut up and learn.

    And far too many politicians just say what they have to to get elected.

    People like this should reconsider running for office and go do something else. Because they either have bad judgment or are opportunists or worse.

  12. He sounds like a kid following the crowd who throws a rock through his neighbor’s window – just because.
    Eventually, the stupid kid finds out that same neighbor paid for his sports team’s uniforms and all the fees.
    All of a sudden the neighbor’s an ok guy.
    Guessing this GOP candidate’s judgement is just as flakey.

    Voting for a RINO is the same as voting for a Demwit. If a candidate doesn’t have a decent conservative record, vote for someone who does, if you have a choice.

  13. Jane Timken is a RINO and part of the problem in the SWAMP of Ohio politics. There’s a lot of folks who’ve tossed their hat in the ring for this seat. Businessman Mike Gibbons is interesting. I’m iffy on Mandel as I don’t yet trust his Conservative bona fides. I’ll take a look at Vance. Trump wasn’t my first choice, but the more I listened and watched the more I liked. People can change their minds.

  14. Thanks, Brad! I’ll never forget that question and his response as long as I live.

    It was probably me and my very long professional experience in evaluating people — both their technical and personality (character) fit — for executive positions, but I was convinced of Trump and him being exactly what the country needed. Along with a handful of others here, I was 110% convinced and very enthusiastic — citing DATA, quoting him verbatim and cutting and pasting his policy positions from his web site.

    Because everything I looked at, read and listened to, was readily available to anyone who wanted to spend five minutes looking things up, I still have an intense antipathy for people, especially pundits and pols, who were not only wrong but amazingly so, about Trump. For them to now claim a sort of reasonable ignorance just doesn’t cut it. They’re either too stupid to hold office or they’re lying about their reasons for being anti-Trump in the first place. Neither outcome should be acceptable to their constituents, and given that these clowns can, and often do, tip the legislative, appointment, and oversight scales, it’s not just a matter of them being local reps, anyway.

    There is still one very famous person who so broke my heart over this that to this day I cannot utter his name. I still can’t believe how very biased and ridiculously stupid he is about Trump. And he’s one of my favorite authors of American history!

  15. BB — We are indeed. “Intense”? LOL! I bookmarked every thread! First time in my life (and I hope the last) that I kept the evidence.

  16. I could blow this thread up in less than ten keystrokes by taking my thumb off the pin. 😉 Wanna see some fireworks, BB?

  17. Ted Cruz is still out there, lets give him a look. HA.
    The Rino’s will never learn.

  18. AA
    I’m pretty sure FUR thought the entire site was collapsing a few times. Dash Board Ted Cruz rings a bell. I guess no use hashing over spilled milk. We’re in a world of hurt now. An aggressive move to capture the flag. Make no mistake, they are wining.

  19. You know AA, I harbor the same anger as you during that time. Kinda like “These people can’t be this stupid”. They were. But in the end they did the right thing. It’s temptful to name the big Trump supporters NOW, that had dash board Ted Cruz firmly affixed back then. However we are in a world of hurt right now and need unity. I just erased a name in an effort to be a bigger person. Which I constantly fail at. LOL.

  20. HOLY COW! I honestly didn’t know how fearsome I could be until just now! LOL!!

    (You know I would never “go there”, right? Just the thought of it was so terribly diabolical, I had to see what it would feel like to say it out loud! LOL!!)

  21. joe6pak
    LOL. Ya kill me brother. Here I am trying to talk her down, and you throw gas on the fire. We all really need to meet. Soon, so it’s not in a Fox Hole. The 6 of us would have a blast.

  22. “Ted Cruz is still out there, lets give him a look. HA.
    The Rino’s will never learn.”

    Geoff, remember when that idiot decided to walk over and confront Trump supporters? They schooled his ass. A classic. Don’t get me wrong, we need Cruz on our side. But he got here kicking and screaming all the way. Who’s his wife work for again? LOL

  23. Joe — Heh heh, yah, no, not today.

    The thing that made me the angriest was that the same people who had always been saying that the only way to defeat the system was to elect someone outside the system, and then they did everything possible to sink Trump! I had the scales forcibly removed from my eyes by Bill Whittle! I so admired Whittle; I even have a picture of Geoff C. and I taken at a talk he gave to the King County Repubs! I truly thought he was one of the really brilliant people I had ever met! He even gave a speech — basically describing Trump as the perfect presidential candidate — at Horowitz’s Conservative Weekend in ’12 or ’14, but apparently it was just a lot of hot air. So, so, SO disappointing. And Thomas Sowell! Good night! See, there’s the difference right there; we all don’t hold a fellowhship or directorship for a conservative think tank.

  24. And don’t forget Cruz handing out Teddy Bears at the border with that guy from blaze tv. It’s beck something or other. Whoever he is, he’s a nobody.

  25. Brad the gloves are off now, we know who is who, if people do not see who is on our side we need to work to take them out. The left is all in we have to be too.
    The left will not stop cramming it down our throats.
    2022 and 2024 is do or die for our country.

  26. Brad, have you guys been to the Oregon Caves? They’ve got a great lodge in a beautiful setting. That might be a good (about) half-way point. Trouble is, I don’t know when we can schedule a vacation right now. Too busy!!

  27. Bend, Oregon is a possibility. That could be close enough for a bunch of us. But, I’m not volunteering to organize it.

  28. “I don’t know when we can schedule a vacation right now. Too busy!!”

    Ditto. Still crawling my way back monetarily from cancer. Getting there. Just know Michelle and I would love to meet the four of you. It would be epic.

  29. It would be epic! We’d have such a good time with y’all. Please say hello to Michelle from us!

  30. Just to let you know, we are in manufacturing. mainly defense. Sometimes AR’s. When the question was asked during the first debate, Are you a Globalists, and Trump answered no, Michelle and I both leaped out of our chairs cheering him on. Hook set. Game over. Suddenly a tough biz. Shouldn’t be. Never was.

  31. Brad, my lad, that chemo has cooked your brain! Of course I know what line you’re in! Remember our visit before the General? LOL!!

  32. …I’m sorry to hear that your beautiful guns are so much harder to make than they should be. Wish I could own one, but this month it’s throttle sensor A that is acting up. I have the part, but now I need to figure out where the darn thing is in the engine!

  33. “Brad, my lad, that chemo has cooked your brain!”

    Cooked more than that. From one cancer survivor to another, I laughed my ass off at that. You know.

  34. Hey Handsome, we all go back a long, long ways here. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, probably best not to interject.

    Brad — Your offer to make me a gun is wonderful, but I couldn’t accept your generosity. I know how expensive those things are! You’re too kind.

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