Ohio town proclaims itself a ‘Statuary Sanctuary City’ for statues of outcast historical figures

Just The News: As protesters target statues around the nation, one town is becoming a statue sanctuary city for monuments honoring select figures. 

Newton Falls, Ohio City Manager David M. Lynch has signed a proclamation that states that the city will accept and display spurned statues of people including George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and certain other prominent figures.

“A Proclamation declaring that Newton Falls is a Statuary Sanctuary City and declaring a general amnesty for George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Ulysses S. Grant, Patrick Henry, Francis Scott Key, Theodore Roosevelt and Christopher Columbus as represented by the statues of these great leaders, and volunteering to accept these statues that have been removed throughout the USA and place them in a location of honor in our community,” the proclamation says, according to a copy posted by 21-WFMJ. MORE HERE

12 Comments on Ohio town proclaims itself a ‘Statuary Sanctuary City’ for statues of outcast historical figures

  1. Hey there’s a shtrong black womyn from the NYT who wants to be in that group. Because her body is a ‘confederate statue’. lolol

  2. That is a great idea for a tourist destination.
    The closest thing to me is the world’s largest ball of twine.

  3. With all the ballyhoo about BLM, White Supremacy, riots, Biden, COVID-19, Murder Hornets, Burisma, Russian Collusion, Impeachment, etc, etc, funny how Global Warming seems like ancient history, huh?

  4. Newton Falls is just under an hour from me. I’m gonna have to head over there and support some of their businesses.

  5. The City of Denver removed Kit Carson’s statue from its prominent location near the State Capital, because it offended sensitive rioters and statue topplers. Kit Carson! The greatest scout in the history of the American West couldn’t defend himself from stupid people and an ignorant mayor who didn’t have the courage to protect his memory. Black Colored Lives Matter, but White Colored Heroes Don’t Matter.

  6. are there any mlk statutes that we can tear down and paint?

    of course it would have to be done at night because the cops would get up from there stand down, arrest you and the da would send you to prison for life for a hate crime.

    Such is the state of life in the US today when the negroes have all the privileges.

  7. LOL. You’ll better hire a full time security force because the BLM thugs will be headed your way. Please shoot to kill.

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