Oil-Rich Venezuela Now Only Has One Active Oil Rig

DanBongino: Venezuela may have the world’s largest proven oil reserves, but they’re down to literally their last oil rig when it comes to extracting it. As of May, the country has only a single active rig remaining, while they boasted 120 at their zenith. MORE

13 Comments on Oil-Rich Venezuela Now Only Has One Active Oil Rig

  1. That should be enough crude to supply their gasoline refineries.

    Wait. They have no refineries?

    Congratulations, Socialism! You don’t need no steenking refineries, or gasoline for that matter.

  2. Pack up all the America haters and send them there, or Cuba. I’m sure there are many liberty loving Cubans and Venezuelans would would love to switch places with them.
    We should start a movement: commie exchange program!

  3. ahhh socialism

    it’s what’s for dinner!

    did sean penn move there
    he loved him some venezuela socialism didn’t he?
    he loved old hugo as i recall

    i wish meat head would head on down and check it out
    it’s the kind of paradise he wants isn’t it?
    how about cher or that milano broad?

  4. They stole all of Conoco Phillips property. We knew exactly what would happen. This is a repeat of the Ukraine redistribution of farmlands.

  5. Yes Anonymous (5:24 PM) – it’s always amazed me how the Liberal Lemmings in this country think they should take advice from the Hollywood elite who can’t wind a watch without a personal assistant, personal trainer, Pool boys, house-keepers, chauffeurs, makeup artists, consultants, analysts and psychiatrists, yet when it comes to doing any real work these Socialists could’t pour the piss out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel!

  6. Guess what happened today in VirginiaZuela?
    After years of lawsuits by envirObamas, Dominion energy said NO MAS.
    A natural gas pipeline fought by the Birkenstock’s to get Nat gas from West Virginia to the east coast was canceled. And Dominion divested itself from clean energy.

    Rest well coal fired automobile owners. Aka electric car owners. Have you yet scraped the Obama/Biden stickers of your Teslas. Or do you layer your losers?

    Read some history. Idiots.

  7. Communist and fascist countries are totally corrupt.

    One well means only one guy to pay-off.

  8. A friend works rigs,finds the oil,drills the plugs and say go or no go for drilling and opens casings to get it flowing.He only signs onto northern hemisphere contracts,too dangerous elsewhere. Early in his career he did Africa and the M.E. and was shot at and damn near kidnapped,he gets paid less in the north but he is still alive.

  9. Only in socialism can one starve among plenty. (There are a couple of puns in that.) Of course Venezuela ‘did socialism wrong’… as have EVERY OTHER SOCIALIST STATE YET TRIED! ‘These kids, when will they ever learn?’


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