“OK Boomer” Trending Among the Young And Stupid

Apparently, members of Gen-Z and millennials have taken up a new term, “OK Boomer” that dismisses and belittles the opinion of the older Baby Boom generation. It can probably best be described as equal parts insult, protest and a demand that those born before 1964 be concerned about “real-world affairs” such as “environmental disasters, social equity.” Here

Even the NYT has taken notice of the term and the number of people cashing in on it, though the Old Grey Lady seems resigned to being addressed this way. Here

Bill Whittle is having none of it and has some appropriate replies to the arrogance of the ill educated known-it-all SJW generation. Watch

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  1. Might want to learn “baby boomer beat my ass” for future reference if they bring their disrespect my way.

  2. My kids on the boundary between GenXer’s and Millennial’s and they think Millennial’s are spoiled, privileged, know-nothing, lazy brats.

  3. Shouldn’t it be “OK, Booomer?” Just saying for those who appreicate proper punctuation. I should have included [SIC] in the title and article.

    It was a real pain to have to go back and mis-correct the term in the post.

  4. Have iOTWReport ever tried to measure the age distribution of it’s readers / commenters?

    I’m not against Millennials, per se. Just the snotty SJW’s.

    (Hey, dogs, birds and kids love me! Also, a few cats. 🙂 )

  5. Bill Whittle had a great perspective when he said we should be angry at the people who made the genz and millenials the way they are. My guess would be the radical left that took over the teachers unions and universities, the ones who didn’t even teach them how to read or do basic math, even how to write a check. These same ‘teachers’ also perverted history and now even has the chutzpah to tell them that men aren’t men and women aren’t women.

    It’s not genz or millenials themselves that we should go after…it’s the power elite that made them what they are. They’ve had their basic humanity stolen from them with the prejudice of low expectations, and it’s only getting worse.

    All at once now…..OK Boomer!

  6. Boomers were the hippies who protested Vietnam, until the draft ended, and didn’t give a rat’s a$$ for the boat people.

  7. Boomers and following generations didn’t bust these kids asses and now we get to put up with them.

  8. Oh, I see – the parasites are telling their hosts how useless and foolish they are. Probably on social media from their Mom and Dad’s basement.

    The majority that are not fascist loving nutjobs – are excused from the parasite label.

  9. Too young for Viet Nam, got out of High School in 76 so I have no Idea where I fall on that scale.
    I signed up for the draft that year though, like a good Lazlo.
    I am an Old Geezer, preparing for Coot-hood.
    Soon as I get old enough I’m going full Alexander Graham Bell on the beard

  10. I’ll probably be long gone by the time these snot nose ass wipes have a chance to really fuck up our country. So I’m just gonna sit back and laugh at their antics…unless they invade my home then I’ll just kill em!

  11. Lazlo The Ok Boomer soon going full Uncle Al!

    (Assuming Uncle Al The Ok Boomer has a beard similar to his avatar.)

  12. 2 things Bill did not mention in that great rant; boomers are set to leave about $35 trillion in assets (money that they earned themselves and saved) to their heirs. Ingratitude is not endearing, better the boomers spend it all on fast cars and good whiskey.

    This “OK Boomer” attitude is endemic in the US, kids from Japan, China, South Korea, India, and Taiwan look at all this nonsense over here as their ticket to prosperity. The same reason I sent my kids to private schools, having to compete with those embicils in the workforce, easy pickings.

  13. Gen Xers and Boomers invented video games, home computing and iPhones that Millennials adore and neeeeed. Keep this crap up and we’ll invent a Time Machine and take it allll away. #OKWhiner

  14. I tend to surround myself with older people hence hanging out on iotwr with the octogenarians. Someone here teaches me something new at least more than once a day. Please forgive my iotwr tramp stamp that inadvertently flashes at young customers during my day job and drags in transient interlopers making $15k per month.

  15. Remember when the hippies said don’t trust anyone over 30 now it’s the reverse don’t trust anyone under 30 and aging hippie baby boomers who never grew up. I’m at the top of the heap for baby boomers, more kids were born in the early to mid 50’s (I was born in 1953) right after the Korean war ended and all those horny GI’s came home. Boomers are not the problem it’s all those damn hippies and other miscreants like Bill Ayres who hated America back in the 60’s who have taken over academia and everything else that have fucked things up for the rest of us normal older farts like me.

  16. @ Jimmy – since @MJA was so kind enough, I’m almost 54 and 3/4 years but Ghost thinks much older than that. E Tu?

    I’m classified as the first Gen’xer year. Having a foot in the old and new worlds…hence the original Star Trek reference.

  17. My response: you kids these days are so worthless, I’m using up all the resources I can just so you won’t have any.

  18. Hey Lazlo, you misspelled my name just the way I did. Ha! I must learn to proofread everything…
    I’m still Morphin’ –and often mirthin’ here. But mirphin’ was my covfefe/senior/boomer moment…

  19. another reply … “well, I see the new tats haven’t made you any more intelligent or any more employable … just less marketable”

  20. Somebody on FB just sent me this twitter thread. He looks to be another one of these little punks except he doesn’t hate old people, but rural people.

    Rural life that he obviously knows nothing about. Subsidized rural health care, he’s funny at least in my neck of the woods we don’t have rural health care. We have small towns with small hospitals and doctor offices. These hospitals might be able to deliver babies, set broken bones, sew up cuts, but that’s about it, anything different and we go to the big city and pay just like anyone else.
    He goes on to broadband, Obama supposedly gave away millions to corrupt companies to bring us broadband, but those companies instead of bringing it to rural areas took it to larger towns and lake communities where they already had several options for broadband. As for affordable, that’s a joke we pay $60 month for a whopping 5 GB mbps. Do we sometimes complain, yep we do, but we also say it’s a small price to pay to live where we do.
    Oh and he embraces bashing us rural folks because we’re bad people who made bad life decisions. Yeah, soy boy, you’re an internet tough guy, but I am going to bet your butt would never come out here in the sticks and say that.


  21. To a degree I have to agree with them. The Greatest Generation collectively certainly failed miserably at raising children who were not fucking know it alls. I felt this way watching the Goddamn the college age population perfect getting their own way as late teens and young twenty somethings by throwing temper tantrum after temper tantrum. They raised these malicious, maladjusted malcontents and from an early age, not only did they put up with that type of shit, activity encouraged it. Don’t say they didn’t, I was born in 1959 and watched it as it blossomed into full blown politics of the temper tantrum, complete with everything that that entails.

  22. Listen up you zip cords, it took us “boomers” a couple of decades to earn the money to supply your XBOX delusional sexually confused reality.
    Zip cords are still used in a lot of meaningful ways.
    Kids, who needs them,,,

  23. @Jimmy:

    Lazlo The Ok Boomer soon going full Uncle Al!
    (Assuming Uncle Al The Ok Boomer has a beard similar to his avatar.)

    Sorry to disappoint, but although I have a luxuriant mustache, I don’t sport a beard like my avatar Lysander Spooner. I tried a beard a long time ago, and it came in oddly lopsided and patchy.

    FWIW, I’m 70 and a retired data wrangler and algorithm artist.

  24. Uncle Al – well, okay, trash my image of you with a beautiful – and wise! – beard. I’ll get over it because you’re one of my all-time favorite commenters.

    And from the FWIWDOR-D, I’m 68 and sort of retired (depends on the week) and trained as an aeronautical engineer who has spent the last 30 years building app’s for science and engineering. (Yeah, it’s REALLY hard to quit that stuff!)

    Oh, and I like the fact that you’re my SENIOR, good Uncle! (-:

  25. “Pass civics 101 first and then open your yap“! That ought to be the reply to gen-? and millensupials. Or you could say “Gender up if you can!”


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