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Okay, Stop the World, I’m Done With This Ride

Safe, legal, rare and entertaining!

Video game company creates a “game” where you abort babies.


The “Abortion Simulator” is being developed by Kierun Studios, a company based in India that has a reputation for reprehensible games, according to the review.

The game “will put you right in the middle of the surgery room and let you perform various abortions,” from early-term to “24+ week complex cases,” the developer describes. It appears that players actually will use surgical tools to reach into the womb and tear the unborn baby out in pieces.

Screen shots of the game, which has not been released yet, show cartoon characters at an abortion clinic, surgical tools and even images of the unborn babies. One image that appears to be the opening screen shows a very pregnant woman on an operating table looking worried. Other images show the unborn baby in the womb as surgical tools reach inside to kill them.


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  1. In an ironic, twisty sort of way, is it possible that this shines light on the gruesome / horrific abortion business, or is that just wishful thinking on my part?

  2. Reminds me of the “game” a Japanese company made about raping and molesting a family and forcing the daughter to get an abortion in order to “win”.

    Sick people every-were.

  3. Did Lena Dunham reserve her copy yet? After all back in December she did say ““Now I can say that I still haven’t had an abortion, but I wish I had.””

  4. Kind of surprised it works. Indians write bad, sloppy code. The reason they get off shore contracts is that when you work for peanuts companies don’t mind sending code back again and again until it’s correct or at lease is minimally functional.

  5. You could abort all of india and pakistan and not a phucking thing would be lost other than clothing production.

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