Oklahoma City Hospital Temporarily Closing Due to Lack of Patients


The INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is temporarily closing most of its facility due to a mass decline in patients, it confirmed on Wednesday.

The postponement of non-emergent surgeries and procedures, according to the hospital’s statement, “has led to a declining census at both facilities.” Therefore, to better consolidate resources, the bulk of the 238-bed acute-care facility is temporarily shutting down, with the exception of the emergency room and “some Radiology and infusion services,” according to KFOR. MORE

15 Comments on Oklahoma City Hospital Temporarily Closing Due to Lack of Patients

  1. Who would have thought that a national medical emergency would create circumstances where hospitals would be closing??

  2. Similar story…
    The Army set up a field hospital in Seattle, closed after 9 days,
    Total number of patients seen: 0 zero.
    Nobody told Seattle about the pandemic.

  3. It isn’t stopping RINOs in the state from signing more draconian measures. Every day another city or county tries to outdo the last one.

    I sure wish someone could explain to me how a virus spreads easier at night. Apparently all these cities seem to think so, as they all have curfews now starting between 8 and 10 pm until between 5 and 7 am.

  4. Must be time to start flooding the White House with emails and calls about reversing course. I commented on Don Jr Insta account about his Dad’s need to re evaluate the advice he’s getting from Fauci and Birk. We have to start making noise!

  5. More and more evidence is coming out that this is nothing more than the latest democrat push to get rid of Trump “by any means necessary” (their favorite chant) because I keep seeing these reports coming in from all over the country.

    Here is a link that shows local people going to their local hospitals that are listed as “ground zero” in the media but reality PROVES there is nobody there, hospital staff being laid off, and no sick people in the ICU’s.


    When the truth comes out we will see that the demoncrats colluded with their ChiCom master for profit in spreading this fake pandemic BS that is turning out to be less deadly than the average yearly flu count…. but of coarse NOBODY will be held accountable for their crimes because demoncrats are above the law.

  6. And in other news, NY Governor Cuomo is sending the National Guard to this hospital to confiscate all the unused ventilators.
    What it really means, it’s time to keep the hot spots in quarantine, and re-open the rest.

  7. With all the hoopla and lies about CV; who wants
    to risk going to a hospital unless they believe
    they are dying and it’s their only chance?

  8. John, also states get more federal money for the more positive cases they have and hospitals get more money for treating Chinese Virus and even more money for dead cases. Not to mention all the doctors who listened to the government midget doctor and female doctor and put people on ventilators, which most have discovered now is killing patients.

    So yeah, I’m not even sure I would go to the hospital right now even for a broken bone or stitches.

  9. Why does everybody keeps saying Trump has to open up the country again, it is the State Governor’s who have to get their shit together.

  10. At least one stand-alone ER has closed this week due to lack of patients in VA. Other ERs/hospitals under the same corporate umbrella are being hit hard with atypically low patient census. ERs are feeders for inpatient hospital stays. Couple that with the cancellation of elected surgeries and procedures and you have a disaster. Hospitals/healthcare facilities would never make any sane person’s list for 50 Top Businesses to Suffer During a Pandemic. Unless the pandemic was pure bullshit, of course. Let’s get back to work today


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