Oklahoma Senators Propose MAGA License Plates to Benefit Veterans

If passed, the bill would need Gov. Kevin Stitt’s signature before it could take effect November 1.


Two Oklahoma state senators introduced a bill Tuesday proposing license plates with Make America Great Again and Keep America Great on them.

“I was joined today by Sen Marty Quinn to file our bill creating Make America Great Again #MAGA & Keep America Great #KAG license plates,” Republican Sen. Nathan Dahm wrote in a Facebook post.

“Proceeds from them would go to 2 veterans groups here in Oklahoma: Folds of Honor & Warriors for Freedom Foundation.” read more

7 Comments on Oklahoma Senators Propose MAGA License Plates to Benefit Veterans

  1. Insurance companies are gonna hate all the vandalism claims filed on vehicles with this white nationalist slogan license tag. If passed, expect a court fight. I’d put one on my Gas-Guzzler 5000 though.

  2. …so when they surround your car and attack your family and you have to run over a few of them because you are in fear if your life and your children’s lives, does that mean some liberal judge will use your license plate to “prove” it was REALLY a premeditated hate crime and Charlottesville you into the Muslim part of the hoosegow for 25 years while the gleeful media doxxes your family and announces they took all your guns out of the house because, red flag?

    …that’s the world we live in today, thanks Democrats, but think about it on your daily driver ESPECIALLY if you have small children…

  3. I can think of a whole lot of treasonous politicians and deep state operatives that should be locked up and given prison jobs making those plates. Wouldn’t that be a sweet irony?

  4. I can see NY having “What Happened “ plates with the proceeds going to the Clinton Foundation.


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