Oklahoma State Troopers Machine Gun Fugitive To End Deadly Spree – IOTW Report

Oklahoma State Troopers Machine Gun Fugitive To End Deadly Spree

BearingArms: The Oklahoma State Police didn’t waste time or ammunition when they got into a pursuit with double homicide suspect Michael Vance, who had shot three law enforcement officers who tried to take him down starting on October 23.

Both a dash camera and a chase helicopter equipped with FLIR (forward looking infrared radar) documented the high speed chase and riveting shootout that put Vance down for good.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol released videos in connection to the deadly shootout with double-homicide suspect, Michael Vance.

Michael Vance had been on the run since he allegedly shot two Wellston officers, killed two family members and shot two others during separate carjackings  on Oct. 23rd.


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  1. An extra round of applause for the brave law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line to bring this murdering maniac to the parallel universe!!! BRAVO!!!!!

  2. Those videos are intense.

    Nothing like a couple bursts of full auto to end the run of a scumbag cop killing murderer.

  3. the LEO in the lead vehicle deserves a commendation, a medal, a promotion and a raise. During that chase he often was a half-mile ahead of the trail cars and managed to shoot, reload, shoot, reload, shoot his Modern Sporting Rifle right-handed whilst driving at a high rate of speed. Truly amazing. His facial expression showed that he was intense and focused on putting that mad-dog killer down.

    As for the news story? “allegedly stole the truck”? “the suspect was shot”? FUCK THAT NOISE. When the video clearly shows a criminal doing criminal acts, the presumption of innocence until found guilty goes flying out the window.

  4. Now that was a bad guy who truly needed killin’.
    I sure am glad he was out in the middle of nowhere with no innocents nearby so the cops weren’t constrained.

  5. He was down right after the full auto bursts started.

    They kept pumping single shots into him after that. A lot of them.

    They wanted to make sure they went home alive and I’m glad they did. F**k that bastard.

  6. Shit gets tight in a rolling gunfire pursuit, but I can’t see driving at high speed while shooting and reloading … if indeed that’s what he did. It’s a recipe for disaster. Let the double units do that. I have driven in those situations while my partner shot from the passenger window. Yes, this was in an urban environment and things are a lot looser out in the sticks. But IMHO that trooper’s job was to keep the truck in sight until other units closed in to assist. Thank God no one other than the suspect was injured.

  7. Luckily the FBI wasn’t involved, the perp would have killed 12 more people before the FBI determined his intent.

    Hats off to the Oklahoma State Police, job well done.

  8. Movie: Pelum 123
    Cop on scene : they just shot him with a machine gun
    HQ: is he dead?
    Cop: wouldn’t you be?

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