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Oklahoma woman gets reduced sentence after getting sterilized


And the livin’ is easy…


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An Oklahoma mother of seven convicted of using counterfeited checks–and who allegedly used drugs during her pregnancies–received a reduced sentence after voluntarily following the judge’s suggestion to get sterilized.

Summer Thyme Creel was sentenced on Thursday to a year in federal prison and three years of supervised release for her role in a fraudulent check-cashing ring, The Oklahoman reported.

The maximum possible punishment for Creel’s crimes was 10 years in prison. Under federal guidelines intended to keep sentences uniform across the country, she would have had up to 16 months in a federal facility.

In November, Creel chose to undergo a sterilization procedure after US District Judge Stephen Friot suggested it in a scheduling order.

“She will receive a shorter sentence because she made that decision,” Friot said before sentencing.  read more

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  1. No one should ever be forced or, in this case, coerced/rewarded for getting sterilized. It is not merely wrong, it is evil.

  2. The sterilization issue aside why would there be a federal government guideline to keep sentences uniform? If a State is having a huge problem in crime A why shouldn’t they put people in jail longer then some other state not experiencing the same problem. The reverse would also be true.

  3. Great idea, I’m tried of paying welfare money for bitch woman that having their bastard kids from different man and we the people have to support them.

  4. Richard P…. Do you understand what this “lovely specimen of womanly grace and intelligence” has already foisted on the American welfare and court systems? We euthanize sorry critters for their own sake — and ours. Moreover, we breed animals for excellence, physically and mentally.

    This woman got off lightly. ….Lady in Red

  5. She’s pretty chunky for a habitual user of crack cocaine and methamphetamine. She should get a refund from her dealer.

  6. This pig never should have been allowed to have children in the first place. They are just a bi-product of her reckless lifestyle and they have the odds heavily stacked against them because of her.
    She’ll probably know just what harmed she’s caused let alone care. I think she should be shot.

  7. And her children can be heard swearing in the background. They were hoping to be free of her during her sentence.

  8. @Richard P.
    WTF you talking about?. Nobody is forced, or coerced to anything. She was given simple options: snip it or go to jail for longer time.
    Don’t want to make those choices, stop doing evil things like stealing money. 😉

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