Old Commercials That Are Sure To Trigger The Sensitive

Old Commercials That Would Be “Politically Incorrect” Today

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  1. There is a Bewitched that tackles racism that would set them ablaze as well.
    I Dream of Genie has some instances of triggering too.

    The other night, Dragnet from 10/10/1968 tackled what happened earlier that year on April 4, the MLK assassination.

    Friday & Gannon headed up the “Riot Containment” squad.
    The task force had all white men with the exception of one black cop.
    One white woman cop as well.
    They mentioned that more was happening on the East Coast than in California.

    I prefer watching old shows and commercials from the Golden pre-woke era.
    Longing for the good old days no doubt makes me a racist…

  2. The other night I re-watched “Blade Runner”, one of my favorites. There is a scene where Sean Young is trying to get away from Harrison Ford, he bars her from the door, grabs her, throws her up against the wall then forcibly kisses her. After a few minutes of this she is moaning and asking for more. 1982 culture-foreplay, 2021 culture-aggravated sexual assault.

    One of the few good things about the Me Too movement, antiquated sexual mores of clubbing women and dragging them back to your cave, or forcing women into anything they aren’t into, not only not appropriate but shame worthy.

  3. Hell, now days any commercial that doesn’t have at least 1 person of color, and 1 member of the LGBT community in it is considered “Politically Incorrect”

  4. Loco
    I’m with you, love those nostalgia show’s. 😉
    They could never remake them in the original format.
    The soy boy’s, Karen’s and other assorted nutcases would be having a collective cow. Moo! 🐄

  5. Rich, the irony is BR is set in the year 2019.
    Were supposed to have flying cars; instead, we have Aunt Jemima’s racist syrup.


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