Old Man Learns He’s an Old Man

I think everyone will excuse the bad language in this video.

This is a riot.

ht/ nm

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  1. A friend knows Norman Lloyd, who has been in the entertainment industry so long he used to play tennis with Charlie Chaplin! http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0516093/
    He’s 102 now and is in several episodes of a TV series this year. A few years ago he was complaining to my friend that he should have gotten the lead in Nebraska instead of Bruce Dern. My friend said ‘Norman, you’re old!’

    I’m 29. I have been for nearly 25 years now.

  2. My aunt is 99 and is sharper than him. She does have to walk with a walker, but can still shake her thing when the music strikes her. She is the belle of the nursing home with her red lipstick and blond wig.

  3. The definition of “old” is 15 years older than you are right now !!
    There’s a guy at my gym thats 98 and works out 5 days a week !
    Getting old is not for sissies !!

  4. I’ll be 77 this summer, if I make it. And to quote the great Mickey Mantle, “If I hadda known I was going to live this long, Ida taken better care of myself.” 99 and still talks like a 21 year old. God Bless him.

  5. Gerard Van der Leun’s (AmericanDigest) mom is 102 or 103, I can’t remember now. But I love visiting her because she is a hoot. Sharp, witty, still has all her marbles. She’s a fun conversationalist.

  6. I made an astonishing discovery a few years back and each year following has confirmed it.
    Gravity on earth is only 14.7 psi sea level when you’re young!

  7. Dude looks excellent for his age. Damn shame they locked him in an institution (apparently). He could kick some ass out on today’s streets. There are some 70-something young ladies looking for a man like him. I pray I’m still that feisty when I’m 65. Not long from now.

    My dad kept it kicking like that until the liver cancer grabbed his lungs. He was 83. I miss his presence and his wisdom every day.

    @Moe: 77!!?? Good lord, man, I thought you were in your 50s!

  8. They say that getting old is a bitch, I say it is better than the alternative. There is a cure for old age, and you don’t want it.

  9. This one made me chuckle….I love the elderly.
    Seniors are invisible in this bankrupt society but many of them are treasure troves of wisdom.


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