Old Time Candy

This looks like the booty laid out on my bed in 1970 after a Halloween haul.

Companies are still making the candy I knew as a kid. This SITE has it all.

This all began because out of nowhere I remembered the taste and texture of a certain candy. I thought about it and it hit me – Chocolate Babies. I had a craving, but I was sure they were out of business. Nope.

Those Astro Pops on the top left, now that I see them again, are pretty good weapons. I’m surprised they are legal.

And “Mexican Hats”? Racist! Cultural appropriation!

Chocolate cigarettes?  Cigar shaped gum? This is flying under the radar.

Chocolate Babies? I feel like a plantation owner just saying it. (Although, in reality, biting off the heads makes me more like a lefty abortionist.)


Does anyone remember the Space Food? I can taste it right now in my mind. It was horrendous, but we still ate them. (I remember a strawberry flavor. It was disgusting. Still ate it all the time because “that’s what the astronauts ate.”)

Good site.

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  1. “This looks like the booty laid out on my bed in 1970 after a Halloween haul.”

    That make me laugh kinda hard.
    Then I read the following sentence and said, “ohhhh… wrong ‘booty'”

  2. I think my family gave me the sticky taffy candies because they knew it took me forever to finish chewing them.


    By the way, my friend’s sister loved to wear the candy necklaces until the day she was sweating so much sugar she got stung by bees. LOL.

  3. Candy cigarettes are the only one of those around when I was a kid. I thought they had been exterminated by now.

  4. Hat, you’ll remember the one that I miss–strawberry Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy. Freeze the bar and smack it on the table–and you got shards that were so sharp you could cut leather!
    Ah the good old days!

  5. Peanut butter logs. Black Cow “all day” caramel bars on popsicle sticks. Sugar Babies. Orange slice candies ( grandmothers had those in glass dishes from the Woolworth’s on the coffee table in front of the big mahogany cabinet black and white Philco television.)

    I was in a large Dollar Tree recently with a YUGE candy aisle. I saw childhood candy brands there I haven’t seen in 30 years. Surprised they’re still made, but the giant conglomerates must have outmaneuvered them off the mainstream supermarket shelves.
    Lots of priceless nostalgia available at $1 a bag.

  6. The 60’s and 70’s had the best coin vending ever.
    I remember a quarter could get you toys, magnets, jaw breakers the size of a cue ball, etc.
    I was able to reach my hand up machines and get cokes, ice cream sandwiches, and toys from the quarter machines too.
    The ones I couldn’t steal directly I would use dime and quarter slugs.
    Dimes sizes were very prevalent.

    Ah, the good old days! 🙂

  7. Gov-
    I have a clear memory of my brother babysitting and he ordered from a place called Chicken Delight. (Don’t cook tonight, call Chicken Delight.)
    The greasiest fries in the world.
    They delivered.
    He got a Turkish Taffy in the delivery.
    He froze it. Later he smacked it on the counter.
    It was like shards of glass.
    It was banana flavor.

  8. Eek, I revisted my childhood via candy/chocolate once a few years ago and had some Turkish Delight. That stuff is so disgusting I’d rather eat furniture glue. How in the hell did I eat that crap???

    I also liked Smarties as a kid – they’re like M & M’s and come in a tube. Still not bad not bad, though that was a while ago. And there were this tiny red pieces of gum my brother used to get in a square packet that I liked. I’ve tried everything these days looking for it but they all have that fake sugar in it for flavoring and it’s horrendous.

  9. Had them all except the hat things.
    I remember those and the wax bottles of drink, And now that I have opened up that drawer in my old brain: I miss those wax lips and slow-pokes

  10. I stopped eating candy in my teens. 13/14. I don’t miss it. My dad said if I gave up candy, which I was eating too much.
    He would buy me a brand new dirt bike. And I stopped and he bought me a dirt bike.
    We also went to the outdoor range 3 times a month instead of one time.

  11. Flav-R Straws – chocolate or strawberry infused cardboard inside a drinking straw. Supposed to make instant chocolate milk. Truly awful.

    Teaberry gum – flavor lasts about 23 seconds. But (and true), put pieces in your garden to keep pests away.

    Bit-o-Honey – recommended by dentists everywhere!

  12. Marathon Bar – it was the packaging, having a ruler to show how long it was, along with the bar itself that I loved as a kid.

  13. MJA,
    About the candy necklaces: Last weekend our daughter had a chance to blow into town for 40 hours. We sat and giggled and talked into the wee hours on Sat night. During our giggles, she told me something I never knew.

    When she was in first grade her Catholic school sold penny candy a couple times a year so I gave her a dime. She was so happy because she could buy a candy necklace at lunch time.

    Before lunch the dime dropped out of her pocket and into the toilet. She said she stood there and cried, but knew not to retrieve the dime from the toilet. No necklace.

    This past Sunday I happened to see packaged candy necklace AND bracelets at Walgreens. I bought a package and sent it to her. (She’s now 49.) I just wish I could see her face when she opens the package.

  14. Thanks for posting the site! I’m going to order some stuff to sell in my store. Zots are on the top of the list!

  15. Is there anyone here old enough to remember the reddish orange wax pan pipes that were filled with sugar water so sweet that drinking it more than once a week probably would have guaranteed the loss of a whole mouthful of teeth? You’d bite the end of each pipe off, drink the sugar water, then play the pan pipes until bored with that and then chew up the wax which also was flavored. As I remember, there also were big, slightly flavored red wax lips (see MJA’s new avatar) that appeared around Halloween that you could chew after you were done wearing them. I ran into these in the late ’40s – early ’50s when we lived in the South after WW2. My personal favorites though, during WW2 (and probably still), were purple spiced gumdrops. There was an old farm lady who lived down the road from us on a point on Owasco Lake whom we would walk to visit to check on her. I’d go play in her barn while my Mother visited and the lady would give me one gumdrop each time we visited. Our parents seldom let us have candy so the purple gum drops stood out.

  16. Moxie-
    “Flavor lasts about 23 seconds.”

    Exactly. And it’s my favorite flavor gum.
    After 23 seconds they taste like wax lips.

  17. KP-
    that’s the one I had forgotten about my childhood, and it was one of my all-time favorites!!!

    I would eat so many the inside cheeks of my mouth (had to say “my mouth” for clarification) got raw.

  18. When I was a little kid, my Dad took me to the wholesale store that supplied the local ice cream trucks (the Country Store trucks you could walk into and buy candy & toys along with ice cream) and I bought a few boxes of Astro Pops, which I then sold to kids in school and made a killing! I did that for much of my childhood. It was awesome.

  19. but no ‘Wacky Packages Stickers’ with TOPPS bubble gum or the follow up also from TOPPS “Garbage Pail Kids’


    and they got the Bubble Gum Cigars, Chocolate Cigarettes Candy and Licorice Pipes, but no knife, gun or bullet shaped candies.

    they should start infusing these candies with thc to boost sales again. then the hollywoodians would have something more tangible to promote to the sheeple besides their craptastic dumpster fire thespian-esq failures.

  20. Ahhhh, walks to the corner store with huge displays of penny candy. We would take our dime and the sack would be empty by the time we got home. Drove past the neighborhood when I moved back last fall and the store (Sandy’s) was gone. Sad.

    I have had every one of those candies, especially the sour cherries! Do you remember the black licorice coiled around a tiny red candy? It looked like a vinyl LP.

    Now, I’m going to visit the site. Just might have to purchase something!

  21. I am Plain Jane’s daughter. I got the package today. Best package I have received in a long time. Thank you, Momma (and thank you for instilling in me the common sense NOT to reach into the toilet to retrieve the dime)! I love you!

  22. Claudia, as a kid, our ice cream and hamburger store sold penny candy. Sour cherries were 3 for a penny. They were so good. Loved the way they stuck to my teeth. 🙂

  23. KP & BFH

    The Regal Crown Sour Cherries! Forgot about those. Loved them. Thanks for posting BF. Will visit the site and surprise friends.

  24. Remember Necco wafer candy? They were horrible but we ate them because they lasted us all day, that and Big Hunks. We would slap the Big Hunk or Taffy bars on the sidewalk and they made a zillion pieces. That lasted us all day too! We would run all over the neighborhood in search of soft drink bottles. It was a big deal to find one because that was our candy money.


  25. I love Teaberry gum. I remember walking to the corner store with my dad, and he would let me pick out a selection of penny candy. Remember those licorice “records?” It was a strip of licorice, wound into a circle, with a little red ball of hard candy in the center. We also used to love to freeze Zero candy bars.

  26. Great site Fur.
    Anyone familiar with Double Salt Licorice? It’s a Dutch treat found up in the northeast. Not for the faint of heart.

  27. petrus, I’ve had all kinds of licorice including double salt. There’s a candy store in Seaside, OR, featuring just about every kind of licorice there is. I guess the really foul-tasting stuff is supposed to be consumed with a Guiness or something. Tastes like a block of chew looks!

    My very favorite candy as a kid was Tomoe Ame rice paper candy. Used to get a box for $.10, now the same thing costs over a buck or more!

    Be careful out there. Make sure your nostalgic candy is not made in China. They put ALL kinds of non-food stuff like melamine in it.

  28. My father, who’s 88 now, said one of his favorite childhood memories was when his father, a neighborhood grocer, would call my dad and his two brothers into the store to sample the new penny candy so he could decide what to order that would sell to the kids.

    Just ordered some Mallo Cups from the linked site (one of my favorite childhood memories). Thank you!!

  29. My favorite candy is lickerish, or bitter chocolate. My rotten sisters hated it, movie time I got Ike and Mike, bitches wouldn’t steal it.
    I have a 6 month standing order in Amsterdam for 2 kilos of various types, none very sweet, a lot of them are super salty, strong.
    Abba Zabba, freeze and whack.
    Squirrel Nut Zippers.
    Mary Janes
    My fillings are aching just thinking about it.

  30. Mallow Cups! Yum!

    Sky Bars are out of stock.

    I remember a lot of these. I’m off sugar for the most part, but will make an exception if it’s worth the negatives. Some of these candies weren’t very good at all, but the memories are.

  31. Did anyone like the flying saucer candy (satellite wafers)? They were flying saucer shaped wafers with tiny bead candies inside. In the 60s and 70s they were a big favorite in the penny candy stores in northeastern PA, which is where I used to find them.

  32. Flipsticks, candy cigarettes, red hots, chicken stix, kits. There was a tiny candy store in Ishpeming, MI, just around the block from us. Glass-front cabinet, glass bins on the counter, all smeared with the fingerprints of the neighborhood kids making our daily pilgrimage. If I ever get back up there, I’ll have to see if it’s still there. Good days. 🙂

  33. PJ & Rattrap70 Dang if that didn’t choke me up a bit. How sweet.

    Now I’m wondering why the name Rattrap, being that’s what I do.


    I really disliked most of the really cheap candy. Tasted like chemicals to me. Didn’t stop me from pretending I was smoking with a candy cigarette on a cold day on the way to school, though. But, gimme the chocolate, every time. My Halloween hauls were divided between chocolate and everything else. Cheap candy made me nauseous. Never bought any for my kids either because of that. My house at Halloween: Pass out nothing but what I would love to eat.

    I was always amazed at DoubleBubble two for a penny. My little kid mind was blown that something could be made and sold for cheaper than a penny.

  34. @ Riverlife Callie: I used to really like Teaberry gum too – and the Black Jack licorice gum. As I remember, those two and a third gum were only available once or twice a year, at least where we lived at the time. I can’t remember what that third gum flavor was that always came out with the other two but I liked it too. Does anyone remember what it was?

  35. And then there were those big toe shaped chocolate candies filled with something white. As I remember, they were called Politically Incorrect Toes. Anyone remember those?

    Damn! This has been an especially fun thread!

  36. really enraged- I agree! Can we do toys next? 🙂
    I remember laughing til I almost passed out playing Hungry Hungry Hippos with my sister. lol

  37. BFH

    Since I am “as pure as the driven snow”
    Pleas explain why you had to clarify, “my mouth”; I dont get it!

  38. @ really enraged: I just happen to remember seeing those packs of gum together in candy stores. Funny what stays with you. I usually chose gum for bubble blowing and so I went with more low-brow stuff.

    Here’s another blast from the candy past: did anyone like sen-sen?

  39. Chunky, a block of chocolate with raisins and peanuts I think
    Also Mouthfull gum, a two by three by half inch slab of bubble gum, heaven on earth for a 12 year old in the early 70’s

  40. And while everyone is being nostalgic, does anyone remember Ballantine India Pale Ale when it was brewed in Newark, NJ and aged in oak casks for a year before being bottled? It had such a high alcohol content that you could keep it in your freezer. If you poured it out fast enough, as the carbon dioxide escaped, the freezing point would go up faster than the temperature and the clear amber liquid would freeze solid. It was a sneaky thing to do to someone already halfway inebriated.

  41. Abba Zabba
    Necco Wafers
    Good and Plenty
    Red Hots
    Jaw Breakers
    Milk Duds
    Fire Stix, Apple Stix etc.
    Life Savers
    Sour Balls, Rootbeer Balls etc.

  42. Candy necklaces and bracelets. They were like crack for the girls in our neighborhood. We had a candy store that sold them for 15 cents. We knew the day and time they would arrive.
    Some other candy favorites of mine were, orange slices, banana splits, candy cigarettes, chocolate babies, wax lips and wax bottles filled with juice, bubble gum cigars, ciclets, chuckles, peanut butter kisses. Ok, the list could keep going.

  43. I used this site a number of years ago to get Christmas presents for the family. They sold Decade Boxes (50’s, 60’s, 70’s 80’s 90’s) and each one was filled with a bunch of different candies from each decade. I got one for each of the brothers and sisters based on the decade they were born in. It was pretty cool.

  44. @ Dad of 4

    I think my sister called her that when my daughter used a shovel to rub out one of those Oregon forest rats that wandered into my sister’s yard while my daughter was visiting her. I don’t know what they are called, but he was getting too friendly/close for their comfort.

    Funny – Within a short time of posting my necklace post, Daughter Dearest phoned to laugh, thank and react to her package. I told her about my post, then I see her post.

  45. lol Forest rats! Yikes, never heard of `em! Sounds bad.

    In my experience, an animal on that level that isn’t afraid of you might have something wrong with it like distemper. Another level of concern added. I’ll go with Good Job! Better safe than not.

    Some people are just natural killers. Rats! Talking about rats… 🙂

    That actually is cool how all that went down today with Rattrap70!


    an ol exJarhead March 22, 2018 at 8:41 pm


    Since I am “as pure as the driven snow”
    Pleas explain why you had to clarify, “my mouth”; I dont get it!

    Quick – Where are the “other” cheeks that a human has that aren’t on the face?

    Doing my best not to make anyone the butt of a joke here. Don’t want to be too cheeky, either. 😀

  46. @ Dad of 4

    They thought something might be wrong with it. Our beautiful Daughter Dearest “ain’t” no prissy, she takes care of business plus she’s a riot. 🙂

  47. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree? Good job, Mom!

    I looked up Oregon rats and see there are Bushy Tailed Wood rats there. If we had them here, I think kids with .22s could get a leg up on their marksmanship skills at a young age. Popping rats in the woods? Sounds like a fun time.

  48. Pan pipes, yup remember all of the wax liquid filled candies.

    My demon was cinnamon bears, I killed bazillions of those.

    Bookmarked, I’ll be ordering, thank you!!


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