Olive Garden, Texas Roadhouse were most popular restaurants during coronavirus pandemic

FOX: Apparently everyone has been eating like family this pandemic.

A recent casual dining report has investigated the restaurant eating habits of Americans during the coronavirus pandemic.

Though the Olive Garden, and other fast-casual dining restaurants, saw an initial drop when most mandatory lockdowns went into effect across the United States in March and April, the summer months have been slowly building customer traffic – with a few major standouts. MORE

10 Comments on Olive Garden, Texas Roadhouse were most popular restaurants during coronavirus pandemic

  1. I know a lady who told me that “Every time I eat at The Olive Garden I get sick.”

    I was dumbfounded. I can pretty much imagine “I ate at The Olive Garden ONCE and got sick” but not “every time.”

    Course, I’m kinda funny about eating in restaurants.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. I noticed that our local Texas Roadhouse’s parking lot was packed full on our way home Saturday night from picking up some stuff at Target with my daughter. I still haven’t been there, I am still a little leery about large crowds in restaurants although I did go to breakfast at a nearby restaurant a couple of Saturdays ago which was good.

  3. I love the salted shelled peanuts
    at TRH. I throw the shells on the floor
    just like I do at home…

  4. Our Texas Roadhouse is always packed. I am not surprised that they took the number one spot. Even when closed during the Dempanic, they offered an efficient curbside delivery.

  5. Now, if only TR could get my bloody order right. 4 times in a row, something missing. Its tough leaving a tip when they can’t give you what you ordered.

  6. We were visiting family in NM one summer and they took us on the grand tour of the state. While stopping over at Albuquerque, we ate at an Olive Garden. My older aunt always makes a bit of a fuss in restaurants; asking for this or that substitute, like Egg Beaters instead of regular eggs, etc. She didn’t disappoint when she ordered the crab salad, asking the waitress if the crab had been previously frozen or not (also wishing to show off her culinary discernment), to which the waitress gave her an emphatic “No!”. When the waitress was out of earshot, my young cousin piped up with a wicked smile on his face and said, “The only way it could be frozen would be if they put the cans in the freezer.”

    I don’t care for Olive Garden or any chain diners, except Denny’s.

  7. I think it depends on the are whether any of these chains are any good. I’ve ate at Texas Roadhouses all over and it’s always been good in the Missouri towns I’ve ate at, my state not so much.
    Olive Garden in one of our towns is always good, but the rest of them aren’t fit to eat. Also a good one in Arkansas.

    Denny’s used to be good, but the nearest Denny’s to me is so bad the dogs won’t even eat it. Then I ate at a Denny’s in Texas one time years ago that was so bad they couldn’t even cook scrambled eggs unless you like scrambled eggs that are scrambled and on the grill for 30 seconds. I’m not exaggerating either, the scrambled eggs were barely above scrambling them in a bowl and bringing them out to you. But then they could fry an egg until it was almost black, my husband ordered over easy eggs and they came out with the yolk cooked so long, a boiled egg has a softer yolk and it was literally black around the edges.

    Heck though we have local restaurants that you know to only eat for lunch on weekdays, but never at night or weekends and then some you only eat at on weekends.

  8. Anyone who thinks Olive Garden if great Italian apparently have never dined on “The Hill” in St. Louis….Olive Garden is like CNN….FAKE!!


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