Olive Loaf? Pickle Loaf? – IOTW Report

Olive Loaf? Pickle Loaf?

Trying KOEGEL’S Olive Loaf and Pickle Loaf. Yay or Nay??

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  1. I’ve eaten plenty of olive loaf sandwiches, but I’m planning on bread & butter pickle/turkey sandwiches starting tomorrow night.

  2. I just had an Olive Loaf sandwich for lunch today. I don’t think we’ve ever had the pre-packaged stuff – my wife gets it from the meat counter at the supermarket. On Rye with a little mayo – it is very good.
    Never tried the pickle loaf – maybe next week.

  3. Real, high-quality “Liverwurst.” Except, I don’t eat it anymore, either. Store-bought lunch meats are B A D for you. And I don’t need any help leaving the planet.

  4. I like me a “cold cut” sub wit some cheez, tomato, onion, and extra spicy mayo and mustard.

    Definitely olive loaf. pickle loaf would make me sick…

    Also like me some Velveeta cheese burgers wrapped in bacon but don’t tell my cardiolgist.

  5. I usa take picel loof and wrap it around Rodney …….. then let Ashley eat it off!

    Hunner got the olive loof ……….

  6. I’d eat both, the oldest meat market in Spokane, Sonnenberg’s sells olive loaf, which is really good. I don’t know if they sell pickle loaf, but I’d be willing to give it a try if they did. Sonnenberg’s also has Thuringer which is a very good summer sausage that my dad got me hooked on when I was a kid. And they also sell Amish sweet baloney which is excellent but a little pricey and only occasionally available due to supply and demand. Sonnenberg’s is the oldest meat market in Spokane and has been around since the 1890’s with a very good selection of all kinds of meat at reasonable prices for an old-fashioned wooden floor meat market.

  7. I put pickle loaf up there with Chef Boy-tard-ee Raviolis. I wouldn’t feed either to a hog. Olive loaf isn’t too bad – if I’m starving.

  8. Baloney’s some kind of mystery meat … but DAMN! With a slice of cheese and mustard?

    Yep. I’m in.
    (not often)

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  9. The neat thing is we ALL have different tastes….and those of us that give-a-shit about America and Americans is; we don’t force our opinions on others.

  10. Mortadella wafer thin is the best. 1/32 of an inch thick,it is great.
    Roll it up or just eat it, if you can find the real deal, it has cheese and pistachio in in it.
    So is any good deli food.
    You just have to know what you are buying.

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