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O’Malley being investigated for possible ethics violation

WaExaminer– Martin O’Malley is being investigated for a possible ethics violation during his time as governor of Maryland.


The Baltimore Sun reported that it received documents that show O’Malley and his wife paid $9,638 for 54 pieces of furniture from the Department of General Services — items that originally cost taxpayers $62,000 — but had been declared “junk” by his administration. This “junk” was used to help furnish the governor’s mansion.  MORE

SNIP: This wouldn’t have anything to do with him talking some smack about the DNC the other day in his speech, would it?

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  1. What a skell. How stupid can he be to think he could steal $65,000.00 worth of furniture knowing that in 6 months he would be making enemies “running” for president. Another punk. That kind of thievery is reserved for the Clinton’s, not some peon ex governor.

    This clown is a real lightweight. He is a joker. This was sitting in the AGs desk drawer waiting for the phone call to drop it on the press. How long before we see a sobbing oMalley announce he is dropping out.

  2. Ethics smethics! He’s a Defecrat and Defecrats are the just here to “protect” the little guy – just ask ’em!
    Wherever there’s wrong-doing, we’ll be there.
    Wherever there’s injustice, we’ll be there.
    Wherever there’s corruption, we’ll be there.
    And wherever there’s a bunch of big guys beating up
    on a little guy, we’ll be there too…
    helping to hold the little guy down!

  3. I had a deja vu, and I figured out why. He pulled a Rosty!

    “For folks our age (those over 40-years-old) Rostenkowski is best remembered as the pol that went to jail over the House Post Office scandal of the mid 1990s. In the end, in 1996, he pleaded guilty to two counts of mail fraud serving 17 months at the Oxford Correctional Facility in Wisconsin.

    He was later found to have had an entire warehouse of items he stole from the federal government — chairs, desks, and the like. I guess he felt entitled to steal office furniture from Uncle Sam.”


  4. Wait a second, considering the $10,000 hammers and toilet seats from back in the 90’s, how do we KNOW that this stuff was worth what it cost taxpayers? Maybe he DID pay fair market value for these items? Poor dumb bastid. Got served up on a poo poo platter.

  5. I’m sure the media has their marching orders, you’ll hear more of this “leak” than hillary’s incompetence, violations and criminality. Double down dumb Debbie pulled the rug out from under O’Malley.

    She took a play from Boehner’s play book

  6. You gotta have some ethics in order to violate them.

    Hasn’t been an ethical governor of MD since Ehrlich.

    Hogan may be.

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