Omar the Lie Maker – Gun violence Claims 500 lives a day in the U.S.

26 Comments on Omar the Lie Maker – Gun violence Claims 500 lives a day in the U.S.

  1. Aw, 500 a day ain’t even a third of the number of daily abortions in the U.S.

    How come that ain’t an epidemic requiring congressional action?

  2. Lest us not forget that 2/3 of all gun deaths occur in the fine city of Chittycago, where Obumbles is building the monument to himself.

  3. iSlamic factoid: If you show enough shit on the wall eventually it will look like Mogadishu. Ooh Eee Ooh Ahh Ahh Ting Tang Alla Walla Big Bang …

  4. Get rid of Shitcago, Detroilet, and Baltimore that 30 would be cut by three quarters.

    I think the 500 number she’s referring to is people injured by speeding bullets. There are 30 people on an average day shot in Chicago, most of them in the ass.

    But the real number (2015-2016) is 75 dead per day.. err, that’s 2 years running, so it’s 37.

  5. My house has been empty the past 9 days, wife and kids are gone for another 3 more days. I let my guns breathe and see the light of day the past 9 days, laid out on the counter. In the past 9 days, not a single gun has animated itself and done violence, so I think all “gun violence” is a hoax.

  6. Negroes kill more negroes every year than did the KKK in its entire history.
    (and you can look that up)

    My “guns” have never perpetrated any violence whatsoever. They don’t sneak out at night. They don’t go into 7/11’s. They don’t fire themselves randomly at people on the street.

    Now, why do you suppose that is?

    I smell disingenuousness!

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Maybe the socialist want-a-be’s should have a practice run.
    First have you paycheck direct deposited to (candidate of you choice).
    Then sign over all your property, car, house, any land you may have.
    And let (candidate of you choice) decide how much money you need.
    Which is “none”, because everything is free.

    Maybe a couple of the candidates need to lead by example, and give all their stuff to the government. Maybe Ilhan Omar, Bernie Sanders, Candi CdeBaca, the list goes on.
    Just to prove it works.
    Oh, wait, they don’t want to spend their money for all the free shit, just your money.

    What could possibly go wrong?
    The Left can not truly have socialism, if the population is armed.

  8. If the thugs would receive course instruction in target acquisition technique’s that lofty number could be achieved. It’s a goal to shoot for!

  9. In the town where I went to college, we called a downtown greasy spoon Char-Stab because someone was stabbed there in an altercation late at night. “Go for the food, stay for the stabbing”.

    Maybe Khan could set up a Char-Stab franchise in London.

  10. Dear Abraham Lincoln: from your gross inexperience you let a small disagreement balloon into a civil war and kill 600,000 of your countrymen and left us with millions of troublesome blacks. We don’t need more!!!Thanks for nuthin!! Send her back to Africa!!!

  11. The three new female voices in the House that want so much change are culturally and politically not American. Yet, Americans voted for them. I don’t comprehend that.

  12. That’s, “500 people die per day due to moHAMMEDAN violence,” sweetheart – get your facts STRAIGHT. 😡


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