Omigod, Trump said THAT??!!!??

I’m growing fatigued of the bloggers who post everything Trump says as a clarion warning to their readers that HE’S A FASCIST AND HE’S GOING TO (fill in the blank with whatever stupid thing they are worried about.)

Listen, dum dums, Trump can say, “I think flag burners should be deported, ” and it doesn’t mean “Trump is going to deport flag burners!!”

If you know of a way that Trump’s beliefs can automatically become policy in America, let us know, otherwise, stop with your shoddy and stupid reporting after every Trump utterance.

Personally, I’m happy we have a president who thinks flag burning is an abomination which deserves deportation as a consequence. It doesn’t mean he is going to deport flag burners, and it doesn’t mean I would like to see him try and deport flag burners. I respect the 1st amendment, but it’s not required of me to be happy about everything people say and do.

Presidents have always stated opinions that aren’t policy, nor are they policies they pursue. It’s a symptom of Trump derangement syndrome, sufferers sitting on every remark and then running around screeching that “Trump is going to make a law that lets everyone grab everyone by the pu$$y!”


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  1. Well Levin’s back at it today. Sooner or later all 28 of his listeners are going to figure it out. Well, maybe not.

  2. Lazlo has a Liberal friend. He’s a pretty decent guy. We argue like Arab Caravan drivers, its all in fun.
    He loves to throw Trump’s outrageous statements at me.
    I tell him to calm down and pace himself, or he’s not going to last four months, much less four years.

  3. I keep trying Levin and within about 20 minutes I have to shut him off. He is so danged pussywhipped by Cruz, I can’t listen anymore.

    It’s a shame, because he does have some terrific things to say, but he just keeps going back somehow during each show, to throwing rocks at Trump.

  4. Levin is totally off track, looney. I don’t know how any person can listen to his raving lunacies for a second.

  5. everything Trump is going to say (& has said) will be twisted into a dog-whistle, knee-jerk reaction by these people (they say the average person only uses 10% of their brain, but I swear these people only use one-half%)…. “bigot, racist, homophobic, islamophobic, ….” blah, blah, blah … keeps the dem rubes wallets open
    gonna be fun watching all the ‘splodie heads

    don’t pity them … mock them …. they hate that even worse

  6. Levin seems to get stuck on “signalling his virtue” to much. Kind of gets in the way of our immediate problems and how to deal with them. Because, by golly, we really are going to have to get to work under Trump. Regardless.

  7. I recall Trump stating, “Get him outta here!” referring to a disrupting person in the crowd.

    Libspeak translation: Trump will deport all males.

    However, that might be a positive for the looney left, I’m not sure anymore.

  8. I LOVE how Trump can push their buttons and send them scurrying to their safe spaces.
    The next 4 (+?) years are going to be fun.
    Tonight He kicked Kasich in the nuts. He kicked Obama in the pussy.

  9. It’s freaken ridiculous. Trump says the other day, “I think if you burn the flag you should be deported”. Does Trump know that will never happen? Yes. Does Trump know how the courts have ruled? Of course. And some of the media went nuts. Shit, I think they should be shot. What Trump said about flag burners had more to do with what little regard he holds them in, not a change in policy. These people, including guys like Levin are taking Trump to literal. He’s not a politician, so give it a rest.

  10. Trump was demonstrating how he feels about flag burning knowing it is going to further incite the leftist loons and they’ll continue on with this behavior which is NOT acceptable to the majority of people in the country.
    Liberals have no sense of humor and can’t understand Trumps flair. He loves egging them on. BTW these flag burners would actually advocate and enforce said treatment for anyone burning a Koran.

  11. I’m going to an event this weekend where there WILL be snowflakes and looney lefties. I intend to wear my Trump broach on a red dress.

    My question: Should I put a safety pin under the Trump broach, or just have a bunch of safety pins ready to hand out. 🙂 hee, he, he!

  12. I read (maybe here) where Trumpsters take DJT “seriously” but not “literally” but every leftard alive takes what he says the exact opposite way…they don’t take what he says, seriously, but they take his intentions,literally.

    Dum Dums.

  13. PJ,
    Make a charm bracelet with dozens of such pins – you could have different sizes and colors. It would be a great conversation starter and you could easily dispense them to the offended.

  14. @ jcLady and
    @ sistyugler1


    A while back I blew the minds of the people I will see when they learned I shoot. One of the guys asked me if I shoot handguns and I didn’t say anything and he progressed to asking – AK? AR? Shotguns? Rifles. I waited till all the guns were rattled off, then all I said yes. He and the surrounding people had this mystified look on their faces and DH piped in and said she shoots all them. This ought to be fun again this year.

  15. PJ, If you’re going into the devils den tomorrow you might want to consider taking one each of the Fire arms you’ve listed above with you. These assholes are sore losers. I’d leave the Trump stuff at home.

  16. @ Ted Nougat, the bracelet idea cracked me up. Maybe I should get some of those little gold colored ones to highlight the Trump broach. 🙂

    @ Bad Brad, Not worried about the snowflakes. DH is always armed. 🙂

  17. Not prosecute Hillary? Just so they won’t prosecute Him when He leaves office in 8 years!
    Hire RINO Reince Prebus? He’s not getting in bed with the RINOs; their coming to His side!
    Nominate Harry Reed’s Common Core-supporting wife? Just so He can control Harry Reed!
    Float Establishment Republican Mitt Romney as Secretary of State? He’s not getting in bed with the Establishment Republicans; their coming to His side!
    What will it take? Read Ann Coulter’s latest article (or does that article make her persona non grata for not blindly supporting Him)?

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