On 77th Birthday, Grandpa Joe Biden Welcomes Sixth Grandchild

Yes, everyone already knows, I just like rubbing it in. LOL!

DNA Test: Hunter Biden, you are the father!


A DNA test revealed Hunter Biden to be the father of an Arkansas baby he previously said was not his, according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

The test established Biden, the son of former vice president Joe Biden, as the father of the child “with scientific certainty,” according to a motion filed in court Wednesday by the child’s mother, Lunden Alexis Roberts.

Biden has denied having sexual relations with Roberts, who filed a paternity suit against Biden in June. Roberts said she was in a relationship with Biden and had their child in August 2018. She has asked Biden to begin paying child support.

Biden is not expected to challenge the results of the test, according to the Wednesday court filing.

The lawsuit came just a week after Biden secretly married Melissa Cohen, a South African woman he had met only weeks earlier. read more

22 Comments on On 77th Birthday, Grandpa Joe Biden Welcomes Sixth Grandchild

  1. child support when your taxes show 83k per month from one gig and you have multiple gigs… invest in KY because your baby’s momma is going to do unto you as you did unto her- but it’s going to last 18 years instead of one night.

    But now that Hunter is unemployable he’d be better off just doing the heron overdose now instead of 7 years from now.

  2. “Congratulations, Joe!”

    “For what?”

    “On your new grandchild!”

    “Look, I don’t know what you’re talking about. If that’s true, then what’s its name? Huh, Mr. Know-It-All?”

    “Don’t you know, Joe? ‘Baby Doe,’ Joe.”

    “Baby Doe Joe???!!! Yeah, well, who’s the father and mother then?”

    “Hunter, Joe. Hunter is the father of Baby Doe, Joe. The mother is some woman named Lunden Roberts, Joe.”

    “Why do you keep calling it Baby Doe Joe? Huh? London? Was it born there?”

    “That’s all the news would reveal about the name, Joe. No, Joe, her name is ‘Lunden’ L U N D E N, Joe.”

    “So, I learn about this from the news?! I gotta call Barack. Trump is a bastard! Baby Doe Joe… Oh, wow, nice Christmas decorations… I need a nap…”

  3. Hay Joe,
    Cute little bastard isn’t he? DNA says there is only a 99.9% chance he is Hunter’s. With a
    Good lawyer and a lot of cash, you can claim he is yours. What a great status symbol that would be!
    The kids would have to have names and numbers on their shirts.

  4. “Sure, sure, it just happened. Could happen to anybody. It was an accident, right? You tripped, fell on the floor and accidently stuck your dick into Ms. Roberts. “Oops, I’m sorry, Miz R, I guess this just isn’t my week”.
    With apologies to Bruce Willis.

  5. Well that sure did the Biden family credibility a lot of good now didn’t it. With that much child support, Hunter gonna have to switch to Meth, it’s cheaper.


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