On a Dark Desert Highway…

This We Defend sent this in.

Message to libs from Texas.

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  1. Former Oregon guv Tom McCall put a similar sign at the Oregon/California border back in the ’70’s.

  2. They aren’t “liberal” in any sense of the word – they are nihilistic socialistic totalitarians – but they probably wouldn’t understand that.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Lol. I would prefer one that strongly encourages folks with CA plates to find another way across the country on their summer vacation and avoid Texas completely.

  4. @geoff the aardvark — I’m pretty sure you’re right, but Geoff C. the Saltine is a former Oregonian and he would know for sure.

    @Molon Labe — I know! As far as I’m concerned King County and Seattle runs WA now. We might get her back, but not in my lifetime. I’m ready to jump this ship real soon!

  5. Tell them bastards to go East out of Texas.
    Arizona has only one buffer state between the two.
    Of course “Head South and start swimming after Galveston” works too.

  6. The “Official” Sign at the California border used to say “welcome to Oregon, enjoy your visit”. It went up in the McCall era, but was replaced 15 to 20 years ago with “welcome to Oregon”. “Don’t Californicate Oregon” was a bumper sticker campaign, which unfortunately failed.

  7. I’d love to see a sign like this in Nolackaloonies, MT. If it worked, real estate prices here would start to plummet with all the houses that would hit the market.

  8. I want something similar on southbound I95 in northern Virginia, but it should say TURN AROUND. Virginia, the Carolinas…all the way to Florida don’t welcome you. Go back to your your miserable states.

  9. Who wants to live in shit hole Texas? Not me that’s for sure! Guy wasted his money putting up that sign.

  10. PHenry June 20, 2018 at 7:48 pm

    I want something similar on southbound I95 in northern Virginia, but it should say TURN AROUND. Virginia, the Carolinas…all the way to Florida don’t welcome you. Go back to your your miserable states.

    Who the F are you to tell people where they can and can’t live? It crazes me when people tell people to stay out of their State. Last I checked I am an American, born and raised here and free to move about wherever I choose. You may not want to cross paths with me.

  11. I dont mind, liberals passing thru Arizona, Lazlo …. as long as they use I-40. There’s nothing up in that part of AZ to contaminate

  12. Doc June 20, 2018 at 8:10 pm

    SIGNS DON’T WORK!!! Just look how fucked up the commifornian assholes have made Orygone!


    You’re right Doc, signs just empower people to do the very thing the sign tells them not to do. Ever see a sign that says “wet paint” and you touch it to see if it’s really wet? Problem is, people are free to live where ever they choose, it doesn’t matter who they are. I suppose if someone doesn’t like it, they are free to move themselves. Works both ways.

  13. @Callmelennie, I won’t be moving to Arizona cuz it’s too damn hot! Hot enough here where I live to move somewhere hotter than Hades.

  14. Goldenfox. Just a little friendly advice. I’m simply saying you are not welcome here. If you insist on dragging your pustulence here and making a spectacle of yourself you shouldn’t expect the usual welcome wagon of my freshly baked cookies.

  15. Looooong time ago, I remember a sign in CA that said, “Welcome to CA. When you leave, take someone with you.” LOL.

  16. We have a “winter home” in Yuma AZ but I refuse to be called a “snowbird” coming from Orygone we prefer the term “RAIN BIRD” 🙂
    Before we came back up here from AZ we had pulled in a parking lot and an old guy walked up to me before I could get out of the car and asked what part of Oregon we were from. He said he had a radiator shop up in Pendleton for 50 years and couldn’t get out fast enough to get away from the liberal assholes. When I told him we were from the coast he asked if we were now “full timers” down there I said not yet, but it could happen soon depends on how fuckin’ stupid they get in Salem in the next election! He laughed and said WELCOME TO ARIZONA!

  17. “Who wants to live in shit hole Texas? Not me that’s for sure!”

    If that works on a sign at the western border to keep lefty Kalis out, I’ll donate HUGE.

    Whatever it takes.

    Yeah! It sucks here! Keep going and save yourself!

    And our new black Sheriff will hold a gun up to his own head and tell ’em “The n***** is gonna get it” if they don’t back off…

    TY Mel B. for that.

  18. anonymouse said…Who wants to live in shit hole Texas? Not me that’s for sure! Guy wasted his money putting up that sign.

    well that makes at LEAST 2 of us that don’t want you here

  19. Well, looks like the ownership of Burkett Outdoor Advertising quisled out! Guess the kitchen temp exceeded his personal heat index. Not too sure what he expected to happen.

    Goldenfoxx…it IS America, and our glorious citizens have been telling their fellow citizens all kinds of things from the incept, up to and including “Why don’t y’all just mosey on along!” Never really has meant much. Now, if government puts law to that concept, why we might just end up with criminalized ‘hate’ speech and ‘thought crimes’…not to mention HOAs!

  20. Did someone say: SIGNS DON’T WORK!!!?

    Well every damn building in California has this sign on it:
    This building contains chemicals known to the state of California
    to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.
    Health and Safety Code Section 25249.6

    I have yet to see it deter one person!

  21. Rat, it says that on damn near every product, too! Even on extension cords and plastic leather (pleather) handbags, FFS!

  22. MJA – Not only that, but check out the little paper manuals that come with simple stuff –
    One page of instructions and 4 pages of safety warnings and disclaimers in four different languages! Hell, is it any wonder 95% of the Lawyers give the rest of ’em a bad name??

  23. In NY it would be:

    Liberals going north from NYC and points south of NYC, make a right at two places from I-87 North:

    I-84, go right into Connecticut OR if you miss that exit I-90, right into Massachusetts…

    You’ll be just fine.


  24. Don’t even bother with Kansas.

    All the open land, fresh air, tornadoes, lack of ‘diversity’, good roads, friendly neighbors is just not for everone.

    But, I’ll stay here, take one for the team, and keep people moving on. I’m just that kind of guy.

  25. @ .45-70….How much rain have you had the last 3 days?….We had 6 inches of rain. The Turkey are wearing hip waders….

  26. Holy cow! We had an inch last night. A couple of weeks ago our total was 9-10….depending where in the country you lived.

    I watch the radar and thought you were getting hammered.

    The rain we got at the end of May was the first since September last year. Wheat harvest starts soon….it wont be pretty. Heads, but no berries. Several have already plowed theirs up.


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