On CNN — Ohio voters praise Trump: ‘Better than I ever would have dreamed’

American Mirror: Ohio voters are weighing in on President Donald Trump’s job performance during his first year in office, and it’s clear most are giving him a thumbs up.

On Fox & friends’ “Buckeye State Breakfast with Friends,” a reporter spoke with folks at Momma’s West Main Café in Hillsboro, Ohio, an area where 76 percent of voters backed Trump in 2016.

The editor of the local newspaper invited the television station to “Trump country” to talk to voters.

Sue, who works at Walmart, explained how important the recent tax cuts were to her and others in Hillsboro.

“Well, for one thing, it’s a very, very big deal,” Sue said of $1,000 bonuses for Walmart employees, which the company credited to tax cuts. “When you work for a company and they want to give you a $1,000 check just because the president gave us a tax break, to me it’s a big deal.”

Sue clearly does not appreciate House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s reference to the bonuses as “crumbs.”

“We’ve been called deplorables and everything else,” she said, a reference to Hillary Clinton’s disparaging remarks about Trump supporters during the 2016 campaign.  Keep reading

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  1. The media is always trying to depress us, about time they get a dose of what they dole out 24/7. Big reality check, we don’t care what you report, we see what is happening and we like it. We like it so much we already want 4 more years!!!

  2. CNN is showing its ‘crazy’ openly. They used to be able to hide it, but now we’re watching lunacy in real-time and people are getting bored with it.

  3. Best president I’ve experienced yet. No groomed interactions, shoots from the hip, raises hell and lives rent free in Progs’ heads. Looking forward to the next seven years with President Trump.

    – flip
    Northeast Ohio

  4. The Dems will never get these voters back.

    I love the minority student who loves PDT.

    The party of Maxine Waters and La Raza has no future.
    Neither does the party of Ryan, Lindsay & McConnell.

    MAGA. #MyPresident

  5. Interesting but I think I would like to have seen a mixed audience of voters that included Democrats that voted for Clinton in 2016 to see what their opinion is now. You’d still get haters that will hate Trump no matter what he does because that’s what they’ve been programmed to do but I’ll bet there would be some that now are no longer sure the Dems truly represent them.

  6. Obama was such an utterly putrid President, by comparison, Trump looks like every bit of what we’d expect from a competent CEO from the tough streets of New York.

    The template for who really should be in charge has shifted from career politician to an actual citizen with private-sector knowledge.

  7. Trump is one of us, and it shows.

    Democrat’s contempt for Trump is mirrored in their contempt for the American people.

  8. One of the most important changes Trump will bring about is to demonstrate just how crucial and indispensable it is for a POTUS to have successful real world accomplishments and experience.
    I want the other 50% of the country to wake up and see how completely unacceptable it is to hand power to career politicians like Obama–and virtually every other POTUS since Eisenhower.
    Expecting any potential candidate to first be a successful CEO in real life? That raises the Bar and changes everything.
    We should expect no less of Congressional candidates as well.
    Going from law school directly into the political ladder should be out of the question.

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