On the Olympic Shitfest

Via Diogenes’ Middle Finger:

“I have professed a deep and abiding disgust with the sordid marketing campaign known as “The Olympic Games” on this page (and elsewhere) many, many times. I hardly need, I should think, to regurgitate my talking points on why the Olympics Suck Harder Than Kamala Harris, so I will, instead, shit all over the tertiary aspects of this years shitstravaganza. ”

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  1. Shitfest is an understatement.
    it’s managed decline.
    it’s biden’s losers.
    can’t win but they are so woke!

    simone biles pulls a lebron walk off and quits when she’s not having a good day. Suck it up buttercup, we all have bad days but still have to work… you had 1 job and choked

  2. The upshot is that every city knows it will lose money hosting the Summer Olympics; only 2 times has there been a net profit to the local government (L.A. in 1984 and… L.A. in 1932). So it’s really about the TV stations making money on the host country’s dime.

  3. The DVR is the only thing that makes the Olympics watchable for me. I can fast forward thru the 80% of the coverage that is total shit to watch those nuggets of genuine world class competition, and that’s palatable for me.

    The Simone Biles saga has proven that America’s most popular virtues now are Fragility and Self-Absorption. It’s a dangerous sport. I get that. And if her head is up her ass, then she should drop out before she injures herself. It’s humiliating for her, but that’s her choice. What a I can’t stand is trying to make that kind of epic fail some kind of “heroic” deed.

    What next? Should the DoD make a special award for combatants who fall apart during firefights? Sure, it’s brave and all to charge and enemy machine gun with nothing but a rifle or leap on a grenade to die horribly in order to save the lives of your buddies. But what about the guy who drops his gun, curls into a fetal position, and sobs like a baby while his buddies are still up, moving forward, and getting their asses shot off. Doesn’t he deserves public adulation too? It’s the only fair and equitable thing to do.

    BTW, street skating and 3×3 basketball are stupid and have no goddamn place in the Olympics. They literally make me take team handball seriously in comparison.

  4. Aren’t the Olympics sexist?
    They have separate mens and womans competitions.
    If men can be woman and woman be men why not eliminate the competition by sex and have all compete together?!!? Right… ???

    Or could it be men and woman Are different and AREN’T the same.

  5. Ease up on Simone Biles….She’s the best gymnast (male or female) of all times. She’s 24 years old and quit when she knew she didn’t have the mental part of the game anymore…..Just imagine you favorite boxer who didn’t quit soon enough. It got ugly.She came back on the sidelines and cheered her team on and also gave someone the chance to compete who wouldn’t have….Cheer Simone Biles and be thankful that you got to see her in her prime….

  6. Willsgoatgruff, I don’t have a problem with Simone deciding she can’t compete. She probably made the right decision, owes her teammates an apology, and that’s that.

    My problem is with everyone proclaiming her stunning and brave for letting her team down. Hers may have been the right decision, but it was not a brave decision.

  7. Saw a tweet from Bill Murray that said every event should have an ordinary person included for perspective. That would be awesome. “For the hundred meter dash, we have Usain Bolt from Jamaica, Tom Jones representing the Netherlands, and Bob from accounting.”

  8. I agree Racer X….it’s the media that made her decision seem heroic….it’s the fucking media, always and everytime…

  9. WGG: I remember hearing that when Joe DiMaggio quit baseballs, someone said, “You still player very well.” He replied, “But I don’t play like Joe DiMaggio.”

    The Olympics have long been propaganda. Back in the days of the USSR, whenever they did a feature on a Soviet athlete, they always showed him or her drive his or own car. There was one time when it was a track star who lived a block from the training facility. Sure enough, he jumped in his car to drive to the training site.

  10. I salute The Mule.
    Hand ball was new to me. I asked around about it, it seemed to be basketball for shorties, but it wasn’t.
    Next to dummy stuff was water polo where the action was blurred by splashed water and it just didn’t make sense.
    Badmitton is a sport, just like ping pong? Nah, no it’s not.
    Men and Women’s volleyball games are a thrill to watch, the diving teams are stunning, so there are a few worthwhile things to enjoy.
    Anyway, leave it to the lefty wokes to ruin everything. We used to have fun, laugh at stupid jokes, went to nice places, but now it’s all woke/racist crap.

  11. Re: Simone Biles, shooting this thru the prism of identity politics, something the left taught us, what are the odds that the only reason the media is lionizing this woman as such a selfless brave paragon of courage is because she is a woman of color? Would they be slurping up, falling all over themselves with support if say a white male, the best player on his team pulled the same thing ,”Sorry guys, I know we have been training together for 4 years for this one big moment, but I’m just not feeling it today. My mental health is more important than the goal we all committed to for four years. You guys are on your own, but no worries, I’ll be the sidelines rooting for you.” Just curious.

  12. If the mental illness popped up all of a sudden on Biles, then i have no problem with her decision.
    But if she has been battling it for a long time, then she should never have gone to the olympics in the first place if she is suffering from mental disabilities.

  13. By way of typical Liberal practice, shouldn’t Biles get a medal anyway, I mean she did show up.

  14. I watched an interview with a former Olympic Gymnastics coach and she says Biles is suffering from something that occasionally effects Gymnasts called “The Twisters”. The Twisters are when you lose track of where you are during rotational routines. Not good. The showed a couple slow mo videos of her vaulting and you could see the panics in her eyes when she realized she’d lost track of Earth. Had she competed in the team event she probably would have been severely injured, or worse, and team USA would have finished out of the metals. She made the right choice.

  15. Mental health is much worse on people who had no physical outlet, no income, and no real support from anyone. It was Much worse for people who were stuck at home lonely & worried about where their next mortgage payment was coming from.

    No doubt the athletes did not have a great previous year but they were part of a large team that had better support & socialization than most of us.

  16. The only thing Mittens Romney did right. Ran an olympics that made a profit.
    It’s what he should have stuck with.

    The brain eating, iq lowering whining in today’s sporting events is unbearable.
    Not just the olympics.
    I stopped watching years ago because the networks had to find every sob story they could for features instead of actually showing events.

  17. #willysgoatgruff

    It’s 2020 i HAVE no love for quitters or kneelers!

    Her being on that team, took a position that could have gone to someone who would not have quit!

    Suck it up buttercup she had 1 job, choked, and quit.

    fact- Quitters don’t win.

  18. I’m fine with Biles getting out and letting her alternate compete. It was the smart decision. They got SILVER! Great.
    My point is only that the average person gets a lot less help and has a lot more worries.


  19. I don’t believe Biles idiotiic excuse of needing a mental health day in the middle of competing at the Olympics. Something else is going on and it’s not a fragile ego.
    Highly suspect Simone Biles is a malignant narcissist or bought and paid for by the CCP just like a lot American high profile athletes. I think it’s both.
    You can bet her bank account just got bigger (thanks to China, Deep State etc.) for abandoning the U.S. gymnastics team lowering their chances for gold, for what should be a questionable, shady reason. Nothing “heroic” or self sacrificing about what she did.
    The Biles drama illustrates how corrupt and asinine “Olympics 2020” really is and should have been cancelled.

  20. I just read somewhere there is suspicion that some medication she was taking was on the olympics no-no list.
    Regardless, based on her reason why, she should have baled during or before the US team tryouts, not waited until now.

  21. Brad, your “The Twisters” account sounds plausible. I’ve been watching gymnastics for 30 years, never heard of that before but can genuinely see that if your balance is off, that is a problem. How do you treat something like this? Has this happened to her before? Do you just go out each day, see if you can count your rotations and if you can then you are cured? I would think that once this happens, it is always in the back of your mind.

    Next week is the individual events and from what I’ve heard, she may compete in those, I hope she does.

  22. Never watched the Olympics – probably never will.
    It’s another huge, gov’t sponsored scam with the taxpayers taking it up the ass.
    Fuck em. Fuck all of em.

    izlamo delenda est …

  23. rich taylor

    I think it’s akin to competitive pistol shooter that all of a sudden start jerking the trigger. The brains thinking, don’t jerk that trigger, don’t jerk that trigger, don’t jerk that trigger. Boom, ah shit. I jerked the trigger.
    The slow mo videos a mentioned were very telling.

  24. A real comparison should be made.
    Other Olympic athletes could keep it together in the middle of unimaginable pressure.
    For example, Jesse Owen would have had every reason not to participate in competing in the 1936 Olympics, yet he proudly as an American showed Hitler what truth and integrity really means.
    Present day top tier American athletes have no idea what Mr. Owens had to endure.

    Im sick of these very privileged athletes, especially black athletes whinning about “shtruggles”. Compared to the stellar athletes who overcame so much for them, the least they could do is honor that legacy without complaining and dropping out for reasons that are not insurmountable.

  25. A few years back Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers, a white male, was having a lousy season and in the middle of it took some time off saying he was suffering from anxiety. The collective response was tepid at best and nowhere near as supportive as what Biles is getting. Kevin has recently come out in support of Biles.

    My above comment was not meant to criticize Biles but was submitted only as an observation about public reaction. In our gynocentric society behavior is many times not accepted on its own merit but is viewed thru identity politics. Women are more often than not granted sympathy and compassion, things not offered to men who are supposed to be tougher, more resilient and better able to rise above their emotions. Is that fair? Probably not.

  26. To add to the Biles story, she is certainly doing more difficult routines than anyone else, and apparently not getting the expected score increase that would go along with them. Did she expect this, or did she receive some last-minute information that just added more stress?

    Also, note this ‘racist’ quote from the above article: “But yes, gymnastics is changing. In the Code of Points, difficulty is very valued now. Of course, this suits African Americans. They’re very explosive…” – not sure why this would benefit ‘African Americans’ but not, say, others with the exact genetic makeup.

  27. @rich Taylor

    “…behavior is many times not accepted on its own merit but is viewed thru identity politics.”

    It certainly looks that way. The nasty bitch Keiler over at CNN claimed it was mostly white men that were making the negative statements about this Biles woman. I don’t know if its true or not but If true there may be other reasons than those two tired old liberal talking points of racism and sexism.

    Liberals are always yelling about bringing the country together but do their utmost to tear it apart.

  28. Biles should consult Marry Lou Retton about tough situations during competition. In 1984, the harder things got, the better she got and she won all-around Gold. She set an example for everyone.

  29. You all are wrong about Simone Biles costing someone their position on the team…the team carries a few alternates in case of injury or illness and in this case covid was an exponential threat……Compere it ( a wee bit) with Willy Mays finishing his career with the Mets. Willy was nothing like himself during his Giants career. I saw Willy Mays in the 60’s and I saw Simone Biles in the 20teens. They both did shit that others couldn’t and maybe never will do….

  30. The absolute worst thing about the Olympics, no matter who is airing them, is how the announcers tell bullshit stories about all of the terrible hardships the athletes had to overcome to be there. They lost me back in 1980, when the U.S. men’s hockey team beat the commie bastards from Russia. That was the last great moment. Those players took it seriously, were not a bunch of whiny, social justice warriors & put the whoop on their opponents!

  31. Biles is the Tiger Wood of gymnastics. They are both good at what they do, but neither could live up to the hype of them being super human.

  32. LEFT DAN

    Both Mayor Tom and the NeoNazi running the Olylpics ( Knew this Marxist’s name 40 years ago, not now) promised us in ’80 that if they did not lose $ the tax hike would be unhooked and the taxes would be refunded!

    I have yet to get my tax refund and the tax hike is still in effect. ONLY REASONABLE CONCLUSION is they lost $!

  33. guess everyone missed the original article link … too bad

    I myself am looking forward to seeing the ‘Attractive Lesbian Gap’

  34. I can’t stand an hour of yak, yak, yak of stupidity by the announcers for 10 minutes of actual competition, and only 2 of those are worth watching.

  35. #willysgoatgruff

    Biles is vile, she’s a quitter.
    Anyone else remember Kerri Strug & her ankle in the vault final going for Gold for Team USA?!? She not a quitter.

    Biles is a quitter.


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