On Tucker Carlson’s show: Climate Change believer tries to defend Bernie Sanders’ private jet travel

DC: A former Bernie Sanders surrogate accused Tucker Carlson of disliking women with opinions during a heated debate on climate change during her appearance on Carlson’s show Wednesday night.

Carlson’s debate with Nomiki Konst came just a day after it was reported that Sanders spent nearly $300,000 on private jet travel.

Flying generates significantly more greenhouse gases than driving, so climate hawks, like Sanders, generally advocate against taking unnecessary flights.

“It’s not fair for someone who is telling us the planet is being destroyed to live in a way that suggests that he actually believes the planet is being destroyed,” Carlson stated. “I honestly really don’t get it. So if you are Al Gore and you say nothing is more important than climate change. I’m a better person than you are because I care more than you. By the way, I have one of the largest houses in Nashville and I fly private and take a Suburban to the airport, to the FBO. Sincerely, why is that okay?”

“Individual choices are not going to solve the disaster that we are facing. We already have a migration issue. We already have flooding. We already have hurricanes that have hit Puerto Rico, have hit New Orleans, have hit Florida and have displaced so many working people,” Konst responded. “This is an industry change. We have to cap emissions globally. If we don’t cap emissions with big industries and policy, then those individual choices mean nothing.”

Carlson responded, “In real life, individual choices matter or else what’s the point of any of this, okay?  Watch

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  1. just ask people, as an individual, what they are willing to give up in order to combat global warming. They will never give you a straight answer.

  2. I can’t listen to that silly twat for even one more second. She won’t let TC get a word in edgewise and when he tries to say something she talks over him and says “let me finish, let me finish, lalalalala” because she can’t stand having to face reality. Truth to her is like a cross to a vampire.

  3. WDS- I did a photoshop of him during the primaries and I saw on his suit what looked like to be the salt they put on pretzels. Only he wasn’t eating any pretzels! To this day I cannot look at a closeup of Sanders when he’s wearing dark clothing. UGH!!!

  4. Tucker had this dipshit agreeing we need to develop planes that use renewable resources, like plug in cars use.
    When people are that stupid, they should NOT be allowed to help set public policy.

  5. @MJA, correct, and like you mentioned another time, Bernie’s screen on his iPhone. One can only imagine what the center of his steering wheel looks like on that $80K Audi he’s saddled with…

  6. Good lord let’s go back to the economic basics. Corporations do not pay taxes. Any new taxes are passed to the consumer in higher prices. That’s why they need socialism so that the means of production, distribution, and exchange can be regulated by the community as a whole. Then all that “clean, renewable energy is free….right?

  7. Individual choices do matter… So then that begs the question. Why did Tucker Carlson choose to ignore something that was reported by Fox News online ? And why do others fail to report those details ? Quote from article – “The Sanders campaign purchased nearly $5,000 in carbon offsets to balance out the emissions produced from the travel. A carbon offset is a reduction in emissions to compensate for emissions elsewhere”.

  8. Oh wow, he bought $5,000 in carbon offset. Because 5,0000 dollars scrubs the smut right out of the sky, huh?

    Your rich friends are buying grace? lol


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