Once again, thanks CNN!

Patriot Retort: It seems I have yet another opportunity to say “Thanks CNN!”

Thanks for being such smug, clueless nits that you inadvertently give a boost to Trump’s reelection effort.

Over the weekend, Don Lemon and his two guests decided to mock and ridicule not President Trump, but the Americans who support him.

And all I can say is thanks CNN!

Now, because nobody watches Don Lemon’s show live, most folks didn’t even know this clip existed until President Trump tweeted it out last night.

And, really, can you blame Trump for calling attention to it? MORE

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  1. It really is hillarious – both their delusions and the truth of how incompetent these people are with responsibility, not to mention how easily they are bought-off.

  2. It’s like they’ve thrown all their guns at us, ran out of guns, and are now throwing ammo.

    Good shit.

  3. They know conservatives do not watch them so they really don’t care. They have accepted the fact that there is no chance of regaining there past audience so anything goes.

  4. Watching the sodomite giggling like a little girl with every comment by the other two clowns was pathetic.
    If I didn’t know better I’d think Trump payed them for the performance, it probably bought him a couple million more votes at least.

  5. the only thing more pathetic was the lemonade’s supposed explanation to the rubes as to why he was laughing

    he can’t even own his actions on the air

  6. Boy, I’d love to see them practicing their Texas accents here in w Texas. 2nd or 3rd time through it’d probably sound a little strange with no teeth. Men that work oil rigs, cotton fields and cattle are pretty touchy when it comes to ridiculing home field.

    Of course we all know their soup coolers would be buttoned up tighter than a bull’s ass at fly time.

  7. Sort of a modern “Amos and Andy.”

    And Lemon’s laughing! Poor fukkin fool don’t get it.
    “Say dere, uhh … Kingfish … you wanna buy some long-eared chinchillas?”

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. Well, the good news, not for CNN, is that more people learned about it here than probably saw it when it was live.

    Is that Clappers brother on the right?

  9. Can you imagine if a Fox anchor, say, Tucker Carlson, had on two guests who imitated ebonics speaking Obama voters while Tucker laughed uproariously? They wouldn’t even have to make up faux dialogue. They could just do an impression of Peggy Joseph who thought that she wasn’t going to have to worry about paying any of her bills if Obama was elected. Or, The ObamaPhone Lady who wanted Obama reelected because he bought her a phone which he paid for with ‘his stash’ of money. It wouldn’t even be fake news ’cause that stuff happened. But, boy, would the lefties have their panties in a wad. The fox host would be fired and branded a racist, as would the guests.

  10. Go on TV pretending to be Barry and Moose talkin like Amos and Andy.

    “Say, dere, Moose, uhh you seen my dildo?”
    “Whaddafuck you tink I be done doin wicher dildo, fool? Goin fine Reggie and pullit outta his black ass! I otta slap the black offen you!”
    “Aw, Moose (cringes and gets on knees), you don gotza be all violets and shit!”
    “Shuttup, niggah, and suck on THIS!”
    “Mmmmph .. mmmphhh … mmmmmph …”

    Be some funny shit, eh, Don?

    izlamo delenda est …

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