One Bad Review Deserves Another

Phelim McAleer’s verbatim play, “FERGUSON” is playing on Broadway until November 4th.
According to Truth Revolt, it’s already causing some to reconsider their participation in “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” demonstrations.


Of course that doesn’t stop a local theater critic from trying to pick the facts of the play apart in an attempt to legitimize the cop-hating, democrat-driven campaign following the Michael Brown shooting, Here

After reading the review, be sure to leave your own observations on the critic’s work.

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  1. I’m actually surprised that they found a Broadway theatre willing to book it. The Broadway district is notoriously hard left and I would have thought the owners and the powers behind the leadership would have kiboshed the whole thing. I’m glad they didn’t and I hope it comes to Toronto.

  2. The reviewer is rather thinned skinned. I hope my response to his reply makes it past “moderation.”

    Here’s the conversation so far

    Doc Tar
    I came here expecting a theater review, not a rehash of “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” media driven propaganda narrative.

    Bravo! (said sarcastically with an added slow clap) for you, Mr. Mandell for a complete lack of objectivity and a reach to a Holder biased Justice Department report that never charged anyone with anything, to try to justify your obtuse counter argument.

    Critics reply

    Have you actually read what I wrote? My only mention of the Hands Up etc narrative, as you put it, is to say that both the play and the Justice Department’s report casts doubt on it.

    I’m a theater critic; I’m not supposed to be objective. I was unaware of having a counterargument, much less an obtuse one.

    But saying that I have a “counterargument” implies that the playwright has an argument. So thank you for driving home my point that it would be misleading to treat “Ferguson” strictly as a work of theater. Your quite political comment helps to demonstrate that, and I applaud you for it, more rapidly than you’ve clapped for me.

    Doc Tar
    You’re suppose to review the play not comment on the underlying politics. Was the story riveting? Was the acting any good? Was it well staged? Will the average theatergoer find it worth the price of a ticket and an evening?

    I saw very little of your subjective opinion on any of these important areas of the theater experience. What I read was an attempt to cast the verbatim reenactment of the grand jury testimony with doubt. I can understand you attending the performance with a preconceived notion that the Eric Holder era Justice Department has just as much weight as the evidence and testimony presented in St. Louis, but if the DOJ materials were not part of the original performance why did you devote a good portion of your review to it?

    In the future can I look forward to your addition of external material supporting the opposite side if you ever have the chance to review plays like “The Crucible” or “Inherit the Wind”?

  3. I’m guessing they’re going to donate a portion of the proceeds to erect a headstone for Mike Brown.

  4. I couldn’t read past the first paragraph. The reviewer is so full of leftist propaganda I felt my synapses flaming out and had to stop.

  5. Bravo! to you “Doc Tar” for engaging the reviewer. I would have left a comment but I don’t want a Discus account.

    (There is a production of Ferguson on YT in case anyone is interested in seeing it and can’t get to the play.)

    This so-called theater critic must have read through the tonnage of grand jury transcript in order to assert that MacAleer rearranged testimony in order to paint Brown in a bad light. How bizarre. As if doing so would have changed the verdict.

  6. @Pelopidas he replied back to you, take a look. I’m still working on him. He’s a real treat.

    Apparently I struck a nerve with my “Crucible” and “Inherit the Wind” comment. He did review both and even name drops Arthur Miller. What a joy this guy is. He pats himself on the back for bringing a creationist to see “Inherit the Wind” with him and incorporating that into his review of the play. That opened up another line of needling, but I went back to his treatment of FERSUSON. I don’t know what the wait time is on “moderation” on their comments, but so far so good.

  7. Nice job engaging him, Dr. Tar.
    I’ll give him one thing: he’s taking the time to respond to all your points. Most leftists go from zero to “RACIST!!!” in under 3.5 sentences.

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