One Billion Dollars!

The Los Angeles School District has been hit with a class action lawsuit filed by high profile and recently fired teacher, Rafe Esquith.

billion dollars

The suit alleges that the school district has been systematically targeting teachers approaching retirement and terminating them so that it doesn’t have to pay their pension and health care.


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  1. I suppose I should feel sorry for them.

    I have a teacher friend that retired at 52 and makes 5x as much as I do working 50 hours a week.

    Still trying.

    By the way, that happens in any industry.

  2. If so, they’re probably taking a lesson from the state of Illinois, where they’re screwing my mother-in-law not just out of the money the district put into it, but also the money she put into it. (This is a system that’s a substitute for Social Security, btw).

  3. So when Socialist run out of other peoples money they end up Welching on their promises until even their voters come to their senses and clean house.

    The only mystery is just how long does it take for the typical brain dead lofo Dem voter to finally come to their sense and can the country survive that long?

  4. I always thought you are vested after 5 years in any pension plan. I’m not sure how it works in government.

    I doubt it was the Mark Twain that got him in trouble. More likely, he accused the district of being niggardly with the humanities, and one of the teachers heard him.

  5. Niggardly use to be in the dictionary,meant holding one’s money close to the chest.Then Sombody got all offended.

  6. Texas has TRS for schools, exempt from Social Security (I lucked into that one). Don’t hear rumblings from there, now do you, heh? Whatever could be the difference?

  7. A glimpse into the Progressive Hell that is rapidly heading our way! Wait ’till they start asking your neighbors similar questions because yer a Conservative.

  8. A friend’s commie daughter was six months out from being vested for full retirement in the college system and they canned her! She was outside of Chicago, where there are still rumors of sanity.

  9. Chevron (at that time Standard Oil) got caught doing this in the 60s with their company-owned service station employees. They would actually send agents into the service stations posing as customers and single out their target — someone who was within a year of retirement. They would verbally abuse the employee who would retaliate and the employee would be fired after the investigation. When the story broke, Chevron had to pay up. This stuff is nothing new.

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