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  1. O.T. just dropping it here, cause I can…
    which is kinda what this comment is about!

    Friday was a special day in Orange Co Soc Services history… TRUE STORY!

    So I went to the dollar store Friday to get some cheap batteries. The $ store is right next door to the OCDSS. (They occupy the bldg that used to house Wal-Mart, before we got a Super Walmart) Anyway, there’s an amber lamps parking at the front door of DSS, so I nosily roll down my window and axe what is happening… The reply left me dumbfounded. A guy holding open the door for the EMT said and I quote, “We Fixin’ to have a baby up in here!”!!! I didn’t think to axe if it was African American or Anchor American. All I could think was how FU@#ED UP it will be for that poor kid being born inside the welfare office… It will forever be, LITERALLY, THE Welfare Baby!

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