One Day After Announcing Wage Gap Plan, Report Shows Men Are Paid More Than Women in Kamala Harris’ Office

I saw this story a couple of days ago, but I just wanna rub it in. 😀


IJR: Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) may have wanted to check the books in her own office before announcing her strict plan to end the “wage gap” if she becomes president.

As IJR reported on Monday, Harris announced a strict plan that aims to close the wage gap in the United States. The senator’s presidential proposal would require that businesses provide their payroll to the federal government. Employees in the same position must be paid the same unless the company can prove significant differences in seniority or merit.

If a company can’t meet the threshold of justification for their wage differences, they will face massive fines — a point Harris bragged about repeatedly.

16 Comments on One Day After Announcing Wage Gap Plan, Report Shows Men Are Paid More Than Women in Kamala Harris’ Office

  1. Two people working side by side, one is highly competent and the other just mediocre.

    Which one deserves a higher pay rate and which one a lower one?

    I doubt it has anything to do with which is male and which is female, much more with how much an employer wants to keep his highly competent employees.

  2. How dare anyone challenge the actions of a liberal!
    Good sheep keep their mouths shut and blindly follow the all knowing, all important liberal leadership.

    Once they get full control—–non-conformists will be severely dealt with.

  3. Uncle Al, you’re better at anagrams than I. I came up with “worthless skank” and “loose woman.” I realize I’m doing something wrong yet my results seem correct!

  4. “But the men work more hours, have more experience, and don’t take as much time off as the women do. If everything we’re equal then the women would be paid just as much.”

    Just like Audi virtue signalling with their Superbowl commercial.

  5. Kamala holds the world record for frequent kneepad usage.

    Just ask Willie Brown.


  6. When questioned, Kamala responded, “Gap? what Gap??
    I am the highest paid male in my office,,,
    just check with Barry and Michelle”


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