One Gene Seems to Affect Males and Female Drinking Behavior Differently

The team [from Montreal] selectively took the Bmal1 gene from the striatum [from mice], but not anywhere else, to avoid disrupting the circadian rhythm. Since sleep deprivation has a connection to cognitive problems that may affect decision-making, the team left Bmal1 genes untouched to avoid disrupting the process.

Results show that male mice with the deleted gene drank more than the control group (a separate group of mice with their striatal Bmal1 gene left intact). Interestingly, female mice with the deleted gene showed the opposite effect. Female mice with the deleted Bmal1 gene drank less than female mice who had it.

The findings suggest the Bmal1 gene promotes risky behavior in females while serving as a protective gene for males to drink less. More

So, a female to male transgender will drink less than that person’s male peers or vice versa, while a male to female transgender will now partake in more risky behavior than that person use to when he was male? I’m so confused. – Dr. Tar

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  1. No news here. We’ve known decades that the ‘Y’ chromosome is twisted and carries no information.

    Loud noises: yes!
    Fire: yes!
    Danger: yes!

  2. we didn’t call it ‘panty loosener’ for nothing, ya know?

    & these twits had to spend taxpayer $$$ to find out the same results. they need to get out more often.

  3. Men do not have inhibitions while women are nothing but inhibitions.

    Of course booze affects gender differently, and since genes determine every type of behavior, viola…

    Science exists only to prove the obvious…

    Nice work if you can get it…

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