One Gets The Sense That Trump is Being “Serpicoed”

There seems to be less of an effort to protect Trump than there was to protect Obongo.

Frank Serpico wasn’t shot by his colleagues, they just weren’t there for him when he needed them most. The atmosphere around the white house has that feel.

Wash Exam-

Secret Service had removed alarm sensors from fence intruder scaled

The initial fence Jonathan Tran jumped did trip alarms in that area of the fence-line, but squirrels or even birds sometimes also set off the sensitive sensors, which could have lead to uncertainty about whether someone had jumped the fence or not.

Secret Service personnel removed the alarm sensors along an area of fence line when the agency raised its height in response to previous fence-jumping incidents as a way to make it harder to scale, the sources told the Examiner. Ironically, the very effort to prevent fence jumping appears to have permitted a particularly egregious intrusion.

Some agents and officers also are questioning why Secret Service never released the K-9 unit to try to find an intruder after the alarms on the first fence the intruder scaled went off.

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  1. Not to hijack this, but is anyone else watching the Gorsuch hearing? God almighty, that Senator Whitehouse is a flaming, condescending asshole.

  2. Swamp draining must include a purge of so called security personnel who have no demonstrable loyalty to the idea of doing their fucking jobs. Someone once told me, a long time ago, that he believed JFK’s assassination was entirely preventable; that he thought secret service agents had an ax to grind with Kennedy over the Bay of Pigs and that they deliberately slacked off their duties on purpose the day of the shooting. I have no proof to offer, it’s just something I’m reminded of when I see all the apparent incompetence and willful neglect going on with the agency that is supposed to protect our President.

  3. Tony R,

    Thank God for dolts like Feinstein and Whitehouse. Gorsuch is cleaning their clocks. I just wish he would have brought up Soros and Clinton as examples of what Whitehouse may have been referring to. That would have shut him up quickly.

    On gun control, Gorsuch is basically telling these assholes (on both sides) that “shall not be infringed” means SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!

  4. All the dems are grandstanding trying to get their 15 minutes of fame before obscurity. Waste of time but I am proud of the way Gorsuch handles himself. I would not do as well.

  5. seems to me the Freedom Caucus is being Serpicoed by Ryan and Trump.
    Drudge headline Vote for bill or you will face primary.
    F off. This bill sucks to high heaven. Phase 1 2 3
    Doesn’t drive down cost of health insurance at all. It was Trump that said he didn’t need the conservatives. Seems to me the conservatives are protecting him from the establishment and he better wake up to it. Trump should not spend 1 more minute on healthcare. Again American people want tax reform, jobs and a freaking WALL. Let Obamacare fall under its own wait. You want to fix healthcare fix the VA if you can do that then we can talk.
    New boss same as the old boss.

  6. It’s not just the Secret Service that has turned its back on Trump. The Republicans in Congress are also letting Trump fend for himself. The Dems always circled the wagons when Obunghole was in trouble. But not the RINOs. They’re more than happy to throw Trump to the wolves.

  7. Having dealt with the Secret Services in the past, one would believe being an arrogant prick was a key part of their job description.

    Get rid of the incompetent, complacent, perfumed, arrogant Secret Service Agents who possess few skills. They’ve shown repeatedly they are not special.

    The entire Secret Service should be disbanded and replaced with Special Operations Professionals. Spec. Ops personnel are fiercely loyal, honest, highly trained and the most skilled. The President requires nothing but the best of the best.

  8. I agree with Cato as an ex SS they have lowered the standards to get in. It has become too politically correct.
    SS can concentrate on forgery and counterfeiting that’s all.
    They have different set of standards for women vs men and …
    I’ll leave the next one alone.

  9. Trump has too many enemies in the White House. He needs them all out including Ivanka who is being compromised due to her husbands ties to those who want Trump out. Jamie Gorelick is now a legal advisor to Ivanka. Jamie Gorelick has long term involvement with the Clintons and is an enemy of any conservative. If you want to be really concerned about what’s happening just google her name.

  10. Jamie Gorelick was on the 911 commission. She is the one who built the wall so other agencies couldn’t communicate with each other. Remember that????? She’s working for Ivanka?
    WTF who elected Ivanka to office.

  11. “One Gets The Sense That Trump is Being “Serpicoed””

    That seems to be the consensus of the Special Forces community. Some of them are writing open letter pleading with him to dump the SS and bring in private contractors. That might be a smart move.

  12. Cato & Brad, i couldn’t agree with you guy’s more… The President needs to surround himself with loyal Patriots who know what and who to do should the occasion present itself… And I think it already has…

  13. Time for President Trump to walk the grounds and dtart singling out SS with a hearty, “You’re fired!”

  14. “Time for President Trump to walk the grounds and dtart singling out SS with a hearty, “You’re fired!””

    Best way to manage this problem is have Seal Team 6 show the SS the street and stay on duty during the assembly of a full time team of contractors.

  15. secret Service is the least of his worries Ryan Rhinos McConell are
    more of a threat. not the freedom caucus.

  16. I see, you think The RINOs are going to jump the fence, with ill intent, that the SS has turned off all the sensors on.

  17. I think President Trump has more threats than what can be kept track of. The SS doesn’t seem to be on top of their game, I’d drop them now. The rinos and the libs, too bad he can’t fire them. Trump has his hands full and I don’t see enough allies in D.C.

  18. Joe, I think his biggest threat is from Globalists. They stand to lose a lot of money. Which is pretty much exactly who you listed. And RINO, #Nevertrumpers, and Libs are all in the same camp.

  19. I would like to see a list of those in congress that are firmly behind President Trump and his policies. I’m afraid it is a short list. Bastards!

  20. It doesn’t worry me at all that there are a lot of people in Big Gov’t who don’t like Trump. The important thing is WE like him and he’s staying put. And those others can be given the boot through elections — and they will if we keep the pressure up.

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