One Good Man

Lt. Cmdr. Wesley Modder nearly had his 20 year honorable navy career ended when he was accused by a lieutenant junior grade of “discrimination against same-sex orientation.”


A junior grade officer, who is gay and married to another man, baited Lt. Cmdr. Modder by asking him questions on homosexuality.

The subordinate then complained to their Captain who filed a “detachment for cause” letter on the chaplain.


Fortunately, a review board could see the distinction between an individual’s right to their own religious beliefs being separate from competently carrying out one’s duties as chaplain.

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  7. @Larry you understand that Modder is a Pentecostal minister and that Homosexuality is a sinful behavior in the Bible.

    For Modder to do otherwise than to rely that to those who inquire would be a denial of his own faith.

    The junior officer here couldn’t make the distinction between a person’s beliefs and the person’s ability to do his or her duties competently.

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