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One of my favorite videos of the year…

Click. You will not be disappointed.

ht/ c. steven tucker

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  1. Classic!

    I bet Biden will claim HE has COVID just to get a sympathy showing, and nobody will still show up!

  2. Huge ralley! 2 security Guards, 1 Trump supporter, and an snowflake trying to pull down a Trump flag.

  3. Sanders can do nothing and produce nothing.
    He spent his life from an early age complaining & whining about the rich.What a unAmerican commie loser.

  4. Thank you, BFH. I laughed like hell when the flag streamed over Bernie’s face. I laughed again when she yanked it out of that guy’s hand.

  5. one lone Trump Woman standing against Bernie Biden’s Soy Boy Army …. lmao!

    ‘course we all know that all it takes is one brave woman

  6. I read once that a Big Mac costs about half the minimum wage. So instead of a Big Mac costing $3.75 when the minimum wage is $7.50, a Big Mac will cost $7.50 when the minimum wage is $15.00. What was gained?

    That does not count in the meantime all the jobs that were lost.

    A few years ago someone posted on FB how some Scandinavian country had a much higher minimum wage. I researched it: factoring in the cost of living, the tax rate, and several other factors I found that someone earning minimum wage in the US was actually doing better than someone earning minimum wage in the other country.

    Or perhaps I should say “makes” instead of earns.

    Raising the minimum wage to $15.00 also does not take into consideration the people who currently make $15.00 an hour because they have experience and education and have worked their way up the ladder who would suddenly be back to earning minimum wage. Are they then supposed to get a raise to $30.00? The economy would not be able to support it unless we start charging 10,000 marks for a loaf of bread. (Historical reference). I read that the furniture industry in South Carolina would shut down because they could not afford to give their craftsmen a raise commensurate with the raise in the minimum wage and why should they work if they don’t?


  8. I know the chyron says “car rally for biden” but I’m pretty sure those horns honking in the background are not honking for Joe. Could be wrong.

  9. Wonder how much Bernie was getting paid for stumping for Biden.
    He got a lakefront house from Hillary for dropping out of the race.
    It will be interesting to see what new asset Bernie acquires.
    And Bernie’s wife would be in jail if he weren’t a politician in America.

  10. RadioMattM, back in 1996 I visited the lovely city of Tromso, Norway during a port visit by the Navy warship I was assigned to. While there, my shipmates and I learned quite a bit about the socialist model system Norway uses that guarantees all its citizens with education, a job (if they want to work), medical care, and housing. We also learned that it’s paid for by charging some citizens up to 100% in income taxes.
    On top of that, when we went for lunch one day, I realized the same Burger King Whopper meal that cost roughly $5 in the United States (keep in mind, this was 1996) cost the equivalent of $12 in Tromso due to all the added taxes and VAT.
    Europe – nice place to visit but I really wouldn’t want to live there.


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