One of the dumbest women ever to serve in congress says the world is going to end in 12 years

I am not kidding.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez said, in a discussion about millennial concerns, that the world is going to end in 12 years.


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  1. Is there something in every previous generation that says, “this is going to wipe out humanity”? My Mother and father didn’t hide under their desks, but their parents were WWII. Then they told me in the 70’s and 80’s that nuclear war was going to end us. That was some pretty scary shit. So I understand how children are being frighted by this climate change crap. But IF THEY REALLY WANT TO BE SCARED? Please focus back on the nuclear shit because it’s in Iran, China, and North Korea also now. Get your heads straight! Climate change has nothing next to nuclear war!
    And our current president is doing a much better job since all presidents since Ronald Reagan in the 1980’s in taking care of this in all four (including Russia) of these threats!

  2. The world will still be here, but America as we knew it will not.

    Great violence is coming – started by leftist loons at the urging of hollywood. The push back will be bloody. Hopefully, the likes of debra messing, alias Milano etc will be among the first to eat it

  3. If she is so smart, how come she isn’t asking about why so many Energy and Water companies are changing names and corporate LLCs and ownerships and liabilities and various other legal financial stuffs?

    They LIVE and are hiding their money and shuffling off the PAYMENTS DUE notices to YOU in plain sight, right now, as it happens. She should wake up Mitt Romney and ask these important questions right now.

  4. Ow. My head hurts.

    Does she have a boyfriend? What do you suppose they talk about in private? Is he contemplating suicide? What color is the sky in her world? Will she outlive Hillary or even RBG? So many questions.

  5. Maybe in 12 millenniums, but not in yer lifetime sweetheart!
    You might wanna check with Prince Charles and Al Gore. They gotcha beat with their predictions (that they don’t wanna talk about). Or you could ask Prince Albert, but I understand he’s in the can, so don’t bother him…
    Oh, and in 1973 we were gonna run out of oil before the next decade.
    (that would be 1980 if yer looking up the word “decade”)
    That…I say that woman’s busier than a centipede at a toe countin’ contest and about as sharp as a bowling ball! She reminds me of Paul Revere’s ride… a little light in the belfry!

  6. Every time I think I’m over her, she says something so adorably stupid that I want to smother her with love….and possibly a heart shaped pillow.

  7. If I was a billionaire, the moment I start seeing a lunatic like this gaining traction I would start moving my assets out of the country or into trusts if they weren’t already.

    She keeps saying she’s just “Alex from the Bronx” when her plans keep sounding like Bane from The Dark Knight Rises. Or, that’s just Uncle Joe from Gori.

  8. I am scared,really scared after watching
    that vid.How brain dead stupid would you
    have to be to vote for her ? Silly commie
    free stuff crap pouring out of her mouth.
    There is nothing free in this world and
    only the Good Lord can know the future.

  9. Sure lady sure the world’s really gonna end in 12 years. You’re so full of baloney that you don’t know stupid you are. I’d almost be willing to bet the Rapture would happen first and that’s been proven unequivocably wrong every time it’s been prophesied. She puts the ding in dingbat, what a total ignoid and ultramaroon. Her theme song needs to be, They’re Coming To Take Me Away. It’s too bad there’s no funny farms anymore that will take her and lobotomize her and make everything right in that total abject stupidity in her empty headed brain.

  10. …maybe she’s aware that stupid is eventually lethal, and she means HER world is gonna end in 12 years.

    …of course, math hasn’t been her strong suit, so it may ACTUALLY be 1 year, 2 years, 3 years (1+2), or 21 years, but the stupid that burns twice as hot burns half as long, and HER stupid has burned so very, very intensely it may have formed a gravity well that destroys the thoughts of anyone AROUND her, and it’s headed towads critical mass and going to explode in a supernova of scatterbrain…

  11. I believe that 12 years is the Dems timeline to end the world. Al Gore has been telling us for years, but we don’t listen.

  12. Mr. Burr, I think your heart shaped pillow comment was great. Hope you don’t mind if I borrow it to use in conversations at work. Don’t worry no snowflakes in my shop.

  13. She probably uses Gatorade to water her plants.

    Ima a thinkn I mite git me to thatthar colegge she gadiated frum n git me sum edumacasuh sos I kin git me letd a congruss job, juss lik her dun did.

    Never mind, the above paragraph would be above her college graduated level of language skills, already.

  14. I think they are actually hoping for a catastrophe of some kind. I don’t think they have any long term personal survival plan though.

  15. ‘She graduated cum laude from Boston University’s College of Arts and Sciences in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in international relations and economics.’ – Wikipedia

    a/k/a Participation Trophy

  16. “I think they are actually hoping for a catastrophe of some kind.”

    …they’re not HOPING for a catastrophe of some kind @Walnut1, they’re trying to CAUSE one.

    It’s another common ground that Communists and Muslims have. They BOTH want to destroy OUR system so they can use THEIRS.

    …and they BOTH don’t care how many people it kills either, and in many cases WANT it to kill people…

    Just THINK how many people were murdered just in the last 100 years by Communism and Islam, and how much dealing with THEM over and over has set MANKIND back. We’d be billions on multiple worlds, were it not for THESE two, and they’re ganging UP on us THIS time, so look out. .

  17. I bought some trail mix that reminded me of her the other day. It came in a attractive package and promised all kinds of goodies like chocolate, raisins and dried fruits and seeds. When I opened the package it was nothing but nuts.

  18. She is such a useful idiot, useful to MAGA that is. She needs to take off her red diaper and potty train in economic reality, but she will remain an infant for ever and so every time she opens her mouth to cry she will crap her onesie and some other Demonrat will have to clean up her mess…glorious.

  19. In 12 years, Inverted Cotex will take ALL the credit for the world not ending.

    How to rise to become a hero in the democrat party: 1) Release the fear mongering (aka, invent crisis) 2) Believe your own fear mongering 3) Wait for your prediction to not come true 4) Your leadership and voice on the matter saved the world from certain chaos.

  20. Her degree Cum Laude from BU proves that it absolutely can not mean what that meant 15 years ago, OR
    that the communists don’t want to play “hide the transcripts” like they did with their Kenyan woodheaded puppet and instead printed a diploma with their Birth-Certificates-R-Us software.

  21. Yeah, I’m going to listen to someone who cannot create coherent sentences.
    She needs an immersion training course in Vulcanism and the accompanying greenhouse gasses.

  22. She is the poster child for our failed American education system.

    She is the gift that keeps giving. A true moron every sane person can laugh every time she opens her mouth.

    I hope she gets invited to celebrity Jeopardy. She would make Wolf Blitzer look like Einstein.

  23. @Anonymous January 22, 2019 at 2:52 am

    > Great violence is coming – started by leftist loons at the urging of hollywood.

    Like a ho’I’would! casting “producer”, I like to hear that line tried with stress on all sorts of different syllables.

    Sadly, I think we applaud for different readings.

  24. I say we take her up on her offer and stop paying taxes…NOW. What the gubmint has now from the previous generations of taxpayers should last that long and more.

    BTW, how does she know, with striking precision, that it will happen in 144 months and not 143 or 145??


  25. Given she must be an atheist since she is a communist, The Rapture will come as a huge surprise and she is among the Damned.

    BTW, no one knows when Jesus Christ will return, so she has a zero percent chance of being right.

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