One of the Hands Pulling Biden’s Strings


House Majority Whip, James Clyburn, the man who installed Joe Biden in the White House through the AME church network, instructing Joe Biden to destroy West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin if needed to get the Senate rules changed and the filibuster eliminated. More

13 Comments on One of the Hands Pulling Biden’s Strings

  1. James Clyburn, a man so dumb he requires watering. Believe me, this asshole is to stupid to have an agenda. Speaks volumes for his base.

  2. “One of the Hands Pulling Biden’s Strings,,,,”

    That makes him a Nigger.

    Get used to the facts.

    They have NO right to control ALL the language.

    IF they can use the words… can I.

  3. Osmidgen and ValJar are the puppet masters, and Clyburn is just one of their Black Colored Puppets. Dementia Joe and Dr. Jill are playing the role of their lives. Kalamity is the Dunce in the corner, awaiting her time to pretend she’s more competent than an Alzheimer’s patient. Just think, it’s only been 172 days since the infamous Installation.

  4. How did we ever allow ourselves to be silenced about black racists? They are the worst racists of all.

    And Brad’s right…he’s dumb as a plant, room temp IQ.

    Fuck you, Clyburn.


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