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One year free-floating across the Pacific

year at sea

NYP […] Córdoba and Alvarenga spent significant amounts of time shielding themselves from the sun, wind and rain in an overturned ice box, huddled together.

But Córdoba fared far worse on their diet of raw sea turtles and birds and the occasional fish. The young fisherman had finally succumbed to starvation, two months into their ordeal.

After Córdoba died, Alvarenga spoke to his corpse, then five days later lowered him to a watery grave. More here

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  1. Sea turtles my ass! Poor Córdoba was probably eaten by Alvarenga who looks a little cubby for being stranded at sea for so long?

  2. Has anybody here read “Life of Pi”?

  3. The guy had it easy he should have had to live under the Obama administration for the last seven years!

  4. I guess we can’t get Cordoba’s version of the story, seeing how he’s DEAD.

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