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Ongoing Consequences of the Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal

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1. Counterterrorism Efforts More Difficult

After the Biden administration decided to withdraw all United States forces and personnel in August 2021, many analysts and national security experts pointed out the issues resulting from the poorly planned action and the various consequences that the U.S. will face in coming months. In early April 2022, U.S. General Richard Clarke testified to a Senate Committee that conducting an effective counterterrorism operation is more difficult because of the administration’s withdrawal of all U.S. military from Afghanistan. When asked about conducting counter-terrorism operations in radical hotbeds without assets from previous U.S. deployment in Afghanistan, General Clarke responded openly to the committee addressing the difficulties of such situations. General Clarke pointed out that while specific forces under his command are capable of counter-terrorism operations, he explained that the most vital element in effective counterterrorism is gathering information that allows such actions to take place. With Afghanistan now under the control of the Taliban, it is difficult for the U.S. to gather information from Afghan sources, given the terrorist group’s crackdown on Afghan civilians who have aided U.S. personnel.

2. Americans Still Stranded

The Biden administration’s botched withdrawal of U.S. military forces and personnel in Afghanistan left behind numerous American citizens in a country now controlled by hardline Islamic fundamentalists bent on killing both Americans and Afghans who help Americans. The administration and its officials have repeatedly stated that it’s irresponsible for people to say that Americans are stranded. According to various news reports, the approximate number of Americans and Afghan allies left in Afghanistan range from hundreds to thousands. Some Afghans with U.S. green cards or other visas have been imprisoned, tortured, or even put to death by the new Taliban government, which has sparked an outcry from the State Department. The U.S. government has negotiated with the Taliban for the release of Afghans with U.S. green cards or other visas, bringing them to America to start a brand-new life. For many Americans still stranded in Afghanistan, trying to flee a peaceful state is also impossible given the neighboring countries surrounding the country, including places like Iran, China, Pakistan, and others that are radical and anti-American.

3. U.S. Military Equipment Under Taliban Control

According to recent media reports, the U.S. left around $7 billion in military equipment following the Biden administration’s withdrawal in 2021. Scores of weapons like military planes, vehicles, and other equipment were left behind and are now in the hands of one of the world’s most infamous hardline Islamic terrorist organization. Some officials point out that much of American weaponry and equipment left behind are demilitarized and inoperable for the Taliban to use. The Pentagon stated that it has no plans to retrieve or destroy the military equipment, which is now in the hands of the Taliban fighters. Shortly after the withdrawal from Afghanistan, Taliban fighters were seen parading U.S. military equipment on social media and national news, mocking the U.S. military before they withdrew from Afghanistan. The new Taliban government has also decided to give operable American weaponry to neighboring countries like the Islamic Republic of Iran, which will use American military technology to improve its army.


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  1. ONe thing not mentioned is our inability to replace a lot of that hardware due to parts shortages.
    I really don’t think they were that short-sighted, I think the Communists in charge are just that nefarious!

  2. Yeah, it wasn’t 7 billion, it was 85 billion of weapons. The detailed list was published months ago.

  3. U.S. General Richard Clarke testified to a Senate Committee

    If you don’t (loudly) support these people not (even) making it off the platforms, you desperately need to be at the front of the boxcar lines.

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