Ongoing Unemployment Drops to Lowest Level Since December 1973

Breitbart: Jobless claims unexpectedly fell last week, according to data from the Labor Department Thursday.

New filings for unemployment benefits fell by 4,000 to 218,000. Economists had expected a rise to 225,000.

The four-week moving average of claims, considered a better indicator of job market strength because it evens out week-to-week volatility, also fell.

Continuing claims for state unemployment benefits dropped to 1.7 million, the lowest since December 1973.  more here

6 Comments on Ongoing Unemployment Drops to Lowest Level Since December 1973

  1. About the time I got my first non paper route job washing dishes at the Chi-Lake Cafe, $1.80 per hour and been working ever since.

  2. How about the professional unemployed? You know the families where no one has ever
    had a job. Always on government assistance. For generations and proud of it.

  3. In Dec. 1973 I was employed/serving in the US Navy and on my first overseas deployment to SE Asia and the Persian Gulf. Prior to that I had a Union job as a janitor working for Meier & Frank in Portland, Or. making $2.71 an hr. And I don’t think I was making more than 3 to 4 hundred dollars a month in the Navy. I was single at the time and could live very well on what I was making back then.


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