Only 3% of Bernie Supporters Have Donated to Biden

Newsweak: Only 60,000 donors of the approximately 2.2 million that gave money to the now-defunct presidential campaign of Democratic Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders have also made donations to Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, according to The Wall Street Journal.

As such, less than 3 percent of Sanders supporters have given to Biden thus far. Six months away from the election, the low percentage suggests that Biden hasn’t made inroads to the Vermont senator’s base despite his overtures to appear receptive to their political needs.

But the Journal estimates that Biden could potentially gain at least $41 million if each of these untapped donors gave just $19 each to his campaign, the average donation to Sanders’ campaign. Plus, seeing as most of Sanders’ supporters made multiple donations to his campaign, Biden could also potentially rake in much more from this group.

While a USA Today/Suffolk University poll showed 77 percent of Sanders supporters said they’d vote for Biden in November, a March 2020 Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll also found that nearly 40 percent of Sanders supporters “had reservations about supporting” Biden.

Biden will need to up his donations to remain competitive against President Donald Trump. While Biden outraised Trump during April by a margin of $43.7 million to $16.9 million, Trump had $107 million left in his personal war chest by the end of the month compared to the $57 million in Biden’s, according to NPR. more

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  1. So they’re telling me that 97% of Bernie lovin’ socialists don’t want to give away their own money?

  2. Not even the Socialists and Communists have any faith in Biden’s ability to make a coherent statement without lying, let along have a competative campaign.

  3. That’s not true. Where do you think the bernie money went when he cucked out again?

    The dnc and biden.

    That was the plan all along. Get young idiot money into the dnc. Bernie keeps a cut and bails on command. Payday for everyone!

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