Only One Group Gets Negative Ratings During Chinese Flu Outbreak


Americans are generally positive in their evaluations of how each of nine leaders and institutions has handled the response to the coronavirus situation. Eight of the nine receive majority positive ratings — led by U.S. hospitals, at 88% approval. Only the news media gets a more negative than positive review. More

8 Comments on Only One Group Gets Negative Ratings During Chinese Flu Outbreak

  1. Congress at 59? After the Stimulus fiasco?

    Another Bullshit Poll…I’ll be on My front Porch having a

    Bourbon and Cigar if anyone needs Me…

  2. We really ought stop lumping together the propagandists and political activists with legitimate and honest journalists. There are only a few of the honest ones in the larger “news” corporations but lots of them working as citizen journalists or for smaller organizations. Calling the propagandists the “news media” or “journalists” or “reporters” is unfair to the rest.

    I suggest reserving the traditional terms for the honest journalists only. The others? How about indoctrination media or perhaps news manipulators?


  3. While the MSM gets the lowest approval rating they are the least to be bothered by it.

    No conscience, no shame.

  4. As a collective term, the morons of the media should be at the bottom of the heap.
    TV, news paper, etc any mass communicator.

    How about propagandists?

  5. Like that’s going to stop them from spouting Chinese Communist Party Propaganda. Cut off the CCP cash, and they might start singing a different tune.


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