Only Total Confiscation Will “Due”

The democrats’ wannabe presidents got into an interesting game of one-upmanship by calling for tax rates on the wealthy of 50% or better.

The race for the most punishing income tax began with someone who can’t even run for president- 29 year-old Useful Idiot-Cortez.

After her “reasonable” explanation of how it wouldn’t be so bad to pay a marginal tax rate of 70% for any money earned above $10 million, Julian Castro and Elizabeth Warren rushed in with their own scheme for government theft. More

20 Comments on Only Total Confiscation Will “Due”

  1. Let me see … we can keep only 10% of what we earn, get healthcare from the “Massa” (government), and the Lefties tell me and my children what to think and what we can read…..

    Didn’t we outlaw Slavery about 160 years ago? Guess it is not “Gone With The Wind” like we thought.

  2. We have been living in a socialist country for the past 100 years. (It’s just a matter of degree.) There’s no hiding the fact that the democrat party is now full-blown communist. We must call a spade a spade and refer to them as such.

  3. Those who pay taxes are fractional slaves. If you pay 50% of your income in taxes of one form or another, half of your labor is slave labor for the benefit of people who don’t work.

  4. Flat tax for wage earners, deducted from paycheck.
    No income tax forms to file, you’re done.

    IRS paper pushers can look for a new job.
    And good riddance.

  5. The Slave Traders : Wall Street
    The Slave Overseers : Nancy and Chuck
    The Slave Owners : Bezos and Romney

    As the Slaves Turn. . .

    Who Owns What

  6. Well, before they confiscate our income, they are going to have to confiscate our guns. Otherwise, they won’t be able to confiscate our income.

  7. Side note: We can thank Milton Freedman for coming up with income tax withholding. Think of what the general sentiment about income tax would be we all had to pay the total annual amount on April 15 every year.

  8. Sonofabitch Gavin Newsom in commiefornia wants to tax drinking water! I guess if you can’t pay the tax you’ll die of thirst. Unless you’re an illegal and then it’s perrier for you.

  9. The feds take 50% and then the state takes a cut , and then you get taxed on every penny you spend and poof –
    not much left. But hey, it’s all for the good of the country 🤣😂🤣😂

  10. And the people who vote for these political thieves all have their own hands out for the freebies provided by someone else’s money.
    They’re just as bad or worse than the politicians who pander to them.

  11. Keep this article at the ready by the way.
    They will all deny ever saying anything or implying anything like this. They will need to be reminded.

  12. @Billy Fuster January 13, 2019 at 1:08 pm

    > We must call a spade a spade and refer to them as such.

    But they’re the American communists! The Constitutional communists! They’re our communists! (I know, commissar. I am yours, not the other way round. But I’m rousing the proles. Forgive me?)

    If you aren’t 110% in support of our American Constitutional communists! Then you’re a traitor. American! Communism! Love it or leave it! Freedom!

  13. @TRF January 13, 2019 at 2:01 pm

    > ^^^ They confiscate yer income before you even see it! ^^^

    “Yer”? You didn’t build that.

  14. I despise voters who want to steal and use other people’s money more than I despise the politicians who make the theft legal ( who I also hold in contempt) because they lack the courage & gumption to steal the money for themselves, and instead they hire profession thieves to do the deed for them via their votes.


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