Ontario School Board Dissuade Teachers From Teaching To Kill a Mockingbird Because the White Hero Makes Blacks Seem “Less Than Human”


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A school board in Ontario, Canada has pressured teachers not to teach the classic “To Kill a Mockingbird” due to its “violent and oppressive” nature towards black students.

It also features a “white savior” which makes the story’s black characters appear “less than human.”

The National Post reports schools in the Toronto suburb of Peel received a directive noting “The use of racist texts as entry points into discussions about racism is hardly for the benefit of black students who already experience racism.

“This should give us pause — who does the use of these texts centre? Who does it serve? Why do we continue to teach them?”

The message conflated the book’s use of the N-word to “violence,” and states that complaints about censorship is a “poor reason” for keeping a racist book in use.

However, the school board denies the memo is a call for a ban … or an argument against using the novel.

8 Comments on Ontario School Board Dissuade Teachers From Teaching To Kill a Mockingbird Because the White Hero Makes Blacks Seem “Less Than Human”

  1. Back when “we” still were at least relatively competent, rational and sane – not to say somewhat literate – people like this were put in places where they couldn’t hurt anyone…

  2. In an age where Milk is now a symbol for White Supremacy… yes, according to PETA, anything is raysis!! All this silly, mindless prattle from Planet Vacuous (the Left) has rendered real terms like Nazi, iSlamophobe, Klansman, White Supremacist, Misogynist, Sexist, Xenophobe, Homophobe (along with all the other Phobes) meaningless because they throw them around at the drop of a hat as a poor substitute for a cogent, rational argument! The real point tho is that these totalitarians have pushed these terms into oblivion deliberately so that they can re-write history and bring it all back!

  3. But I always thought that To Kill A Mockingbird was highly regarded by liberals for making Atticus the hero liberal who saves the day?
    And he worked for nuts (literally).

    I loved the book as a child and re-read it as a young adult. It is on my to-read list again now that I’m getting to be an old codger (I’ll probably end up like Mrs. Dubose rocking on my porch with a gun under my blanket).

  4. @ Menotu: I reread it a few years ago. You’re still in for a treat. In fact, your post has made me think of reading it yet again. The “sequel”, “Set A Watchman” is not as good IMO, but still is an interesting read. Especially so now that the (d)s’ and barky’s evil efforts are manifesting, (Trigger Warning!!!) in spades…


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