Oops? NJ County Finds 1,600+ Mail-In Ballots Months After Primary Election

Dan Bongino: Yet another problem with mail-in voting has been made apparent: people simply losing track of ballots.

New Jersey has been no stranger to issues with mail-in voting. Just months ago one in five ballots in an election in the City of Paterson had to be disqualified following accusations of widespread fraud and ballot theft. That happened not along after it was reported that 500-700 Republican voters in one New Jersey township received ballots listing only Democrat candidates in the mail. more

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  1. The Demonicrats have a very long tradition of election fraud. I remember driving through the small town in south Texas that handed LBJ’s first senate election to him, they found just enough votes in a box of ballots that had been mislaid. And, wouldn’t you know it, every vote in that box was for LBJ and the conscientious voters even signed the role in perfect alphabetical order.

    I just did a search to find the name of that town since it’s been so long ago that I read the above. I didn’t find the town’s name, but interestingly found an article discussing LBJ’s widespread voter fraud and you won’t believe who published it!


    FOUND IT! The town was Alice, and yes, I probably did eat at a restaurant there.


  2. Living in the Hedge Fund ghetto, 14 miles from the GWB. I am actually shocked they only found 1.6k. Knowing our skools though and the math department I am sure its more around 1.6 mil. :-). It’s a Jersey Thing! To quote Kyle’s ma.


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