OOPS! School crowns 2 prom kings after eliminating gender-specific titles

School officials eliminated the gender specific titles for the high school’s prom May 14, and instead of asking students to vote for a prom king and queen, they simply took the top to vote getters –regardless of gender- and put a crown on them.

Junior Jules Tiechert told the Eagle-Tribune students were given a list of ten names and asked to vote for two. Tiechert alleges students were not consulted about removing gender-specific prom titles, and many were not happy with the move.

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  1. It’s amazing how many stories you hear these days about sexually confused young people. Make no mistake, this is the work of your public school system turning normal type A boy behavior into a hated thing.

  2. “We’d probably still have slavery if it was up to the majority at the time.” Andover HS Committee Chairman Joel Blumstein.

    In other words “we don’t need no stinkin’ votes.”

    It is my understanding that the majority of Americans
    abolished slavery.

    The big problem here is that our schools have been taken over by the likes of Joel Blumstein.

    We have lost our Republic Father Benjamin.

  3. Let’s have some fun and give the Progressive left and feminists what they want–gender equality: do away with women’s sports and just offer “sports,” open to men and women. No more WNBA, LPGA, or girls’ teams. No more Title IX. Everyone will be equal . . . Except women won’t get to play anymore because only about 1-2 will qualify to make any team.

  4. So Caitlyn Jenner is Woman of the Year and here we have two male prom “Kings and Queens.” Is there anything women can do that a man in a dress can’t do better? It’s fun watching the Feminists commit cultural suicide.

  5. If we’re going to be rid of gender segregation, then will have to get rid of rape charges, too.

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